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Ioana Savos

As the chief executive officer of New Explode Construction Inc., Ioana Maria Savos has broad expertise in business management, industry knowledge, and client relations. She is responsible for the strategic planning of the business, including developing long-term goals, strategies, and plans to guide the company toward growth and success. Ms. Savos is experienced in financial management, including budgeting, reporting, controlling costs, and conducting profitability analyses. She coordinates and directs marketing efforts, nurtures client relationships, supports her team, fosters collaboration among her staff, and offers her insight on design concepts and cost estimates. In regular meetings with her business partner, she carefully reviews projects, discusses future opportunities, ensures seamless communication, and prioritizes customer satisfaction. New Explode Construction Inc. was founded in 2006 by Ms. Savos’ husband, Sebastian Micle. After joining the company full-time in 2008, Ms. Savos became the chief executive officer following an effort to restructure the business.

Despite facing discouragement resulting from challenges during her upbringing, Ms. Savos overcame the negativity and used it to fuel her ambition, thus, attributing her success to her discipline and resilience. Throughout her life, she has strived to put the past behind her and focus on her goals. After immigrating to the United States in 2001, Ms. Savos found work as a babysitter and housekeeper, much to the surprise of her sister, who couldn’t imagine leaving Romania and abandoning her legacy as a bank president. Ms. Savos’ unwavering professionalism and commitment to her career have led to her developing an enduring network. Even two decades into her career, she maintains strong connections with her former employers and bosses as a testament to her integrity and work ethic. She says she is grateful for the mentorship of Rob Himes, the father of the first family for whom she worked as a babysitter, as well as for Jerry Foltz of Vistage Business Coaching, and firmly believes in giving back. In particular, she emphasizes the importance of women supporting each other, especially with mental health struggles.

Among her professional achievements, Ms. Savos is proud of her role in completing the first sustainable house in Illinois in 2020. She is committed to innovation and responsible environmental stewardship and notes that this project opened many opportunities for New Explode Construction Inc. Among the notable projects Ms. Savos has overseen, her company was the general contractor for the Holy Nativity Romanian Orthodox Church, the largest Romanian Orthodox church in Chicago, Illinois. The incredible structure was completed in 2023 after nearly a decade of work. For her prowess, Ms. Savos has been recognized as the three-time winner of Modern Media Group’s Best Design in Construction award and the nine-time winner of the Best of Houzz award.

Before her impressive tenure with New Explode Construction Inc., Ms. Savos attended Babes-Bolyai University in Romania, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics. In 2001, she graduated from the institution with a master’s degree in economics. Throughout her career, she gained diverse experience as a household manager, personal assistant, office manager, administrative assistant, child care provider, and staffing specialist. Ms. Savos is an active member of Via Transilvanica and was an angel investor for the Romanian United Foundation.

Having an ambitious vision for the future of New Explode Construction Inc., Ms. Savos seeks to expand the company’s capability to building more than 12 single-family homes annually, double the current capacity. Steadfast in her commitment to continual education and professional development, she aims to perennially build her real estate business portfolio. Outside of her career, Ms. Savos plans to travel extensively and continue strengthening her relationship with her two sons. She enjoys spending time with her friends, playing pickleball, exercising, reading, and walking.


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