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Faith Bird

Faith Monica Bird, EdD, LMHC, CAP, is an educator, writer, and behavioral health practitioner focusing on evaluating and treating substance use disorder and their causes. She holds a Bachelor of Education in educational administration from the University of the West Indies and continued her education at Nova Southeastern University, earning a Master of Science in mental health counseling in 1999 and an EdD in 2003. Naturally charismatic and supportive, Dr. Bird was drawn to fields that gave her an opportunity to help others grow and transitioned into behavioral health as a way to empower clients to change behaviors that no longer served them.

After completing a diploma in teacher education through Church Teachers’ College in 1969, Dr. Bird began a 13-year career as an educator for the Jamaican Ministry of Education. She became a regional manager for the Jamaica Information Service in 1982, overseeing the implementation of vital public health and government services information programs. Dr. Bird excelled in her work with the Jamaica Information Service, receiving a formal commendation from the Jamaican government for her programs’ role in increasing awareness of social services and community development programs that fostered healthy families. She left the Jamaica Information Service in 1995 to relocate to the United States, where she continued her focus on public health as a programs specialist and treatment counselor with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

From 1998 to 2003, Dr. Bird served as an evaluation administrator for the Broward County Department of Education. After completing her postgraduate education and Florida State certified addiction professional/licensed mental health counselor credentials, Dr. Bird entered private mental health practice as the president, chief executive officer, and primary therapist at Peacock Industries Counseling and Research. In addition to her private practice, she served as a quality advisor for ChildNet from 2003 until 2005, providing behavioral and mental health interventions for youth within the Florida foster system.

Since 2013, Dr. Bird has been a level II substance abuse services provider for the Broward County Human Services Department. Her responsibilities include coordinating and maintaining quality accessible health and human services, in collaboration with public and private partners. Additionally, she supports a service delivery system that encourages self-sufficiency and wellbeing to individuals. In addition to her primary vocation, Dr. Bird is an adjunct professor at Nova Southeastern University, where she has taught since 2005.

A respected voice in the field, Dr. Bird is the author of “How to Survive Tough Times” from 2010, a book of strategies for building psychological resilience. She has also contributed significant research to the fields of psychotherapy and education. In a career filled with highlights, Dr. Bird is particularly proud of her achievements in the areas of psychotherapy education and research. She was also a journalist in the past and felt she has achieved all of her life’s goals.

For her accomplishments in the field, Dr. Bird was recognized in the Caribbean for her contributions to the community, as well as her social services. More specifically, she was praised for her assistance in keeping families together. Looking toward the future, Dr. Bird hopes to retire within five years. Outside of her primary endeavors, she enjoys traveling in her spare time.


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