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Motivated by her desire to help people discover answers to aid their suffering, Emily Elizabeth Young has dreamed of being a missionary since she was a little girl. She began to serve in new churches at the age of 17, and worked with international students from two college campuses. Then, at the age of 19, Dr. Young was called upon to represent her church on the Glorieta Baptist Assembly staff in New Mexico as a delegate from her state of Idaho. She loved her time there; she organized a library from a speaking tour in churches, served as the Women’s Missionary Union director and the Christian Education Training Union director, conducted interviews, edited the church newsletters, trained singers for their solos, and acted as a substitute song leader and pianist. She also completed a Biblical study course during her time at the church. These early experiences were instrumental as she stepped into the world of missionary service.

The next stop on Dr. Young’s journey was an inner city mission in Denver, Colorado, where she worked as the chapel pianist five days a week. This was the first time she was introduced to the needy and homeless, and her interactions with them made her want to do more. Thus, in 1982, Dr. Young joined the Puget Sound Christian Indian Mission as a missionary and teacher, and in 1989, she organized the Seattle Native American Christian Church as a missionary and pastor. She served the former until 1995 and the latter until 2018. Dr. Young’s efforts focused on outreach to the homeless, mentally ill, battered women, at-risk kids, and indigenous people. She fed the hungry on the streets of Seattle, ran multiple Bible studies, conducted the worship service, planned special events, organized a clothing bank, and taught courses in leadership and specialized work, among many other undertakings. In recognition of her passion and devotion, Dr. Young was featured in a book, “Answering God’s Call,” which was released in 2016. She also authored many of her own books based on her experiences.

Over the years, Dr. Young enhanced her knowledge and professional standing by obtaining numerous academic degrees. She earned an Associate of Arts in biblical studies from Trinity Lutheran College in 1980, a Bachelor of Arts in Christian education from Puget Sound Christian College in 1986, a Master of Arts in biblical studies from Northwest Baptist Seminary in 1993, a Master of Divinity from Faith Lutheran Seminary in 2000, and a doctoral degree in Christian education and Christian mission from the New Wine Ministries in 2003. A large part of her graduate studies were completed at the Northwest Graduate School of the Ministry.  Furthermore, she completed coursework in Christian counseling and was ordained as a minister by an Indian church in 1994.

In addition to her work with the churches and communities, Dr. Young also spent six years as a hairdresser. She graduated from Moscow Beauty College in 1965, and used the skills she acquired to travel to make the elderly look and feel good in nursing homes throughout Seattle. Dr. Young also has experience in real estate; from 1982 to 2002, she was the real estate manager of Young’s Property.

Now in retirement, Dr. Young enjoys pursuing hobbies like gardening and studying languages.


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