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Realizing early in life the impact and power present in books, Elena M. Neely always desired to be an author, especially of content that caters to the wondrous and developing minds of children. She also craved becoming a part of the strong and positive familial connection forged when parents read to their children, thus creating valuable time spent together—an experience missing from her own childhood. To this immeasurable end, since 2020, Ms. Neely has been the proud children’s book author and publisher at her Virginia-based business Blessons For Living, where she also is a columnist, business and career strategist, interpersonal relationships coach, and sought-after public speaker. The mother of a grown, professionally successful daughter, Amaya, Ms. Neely was recently honored with the Distinguished Mother Award and achieved Five-Star Chapter Status from Jack and Jill of America, Inc., an organization she has been extremely active with for years as well as the NAACP.

Believing that when a person shares their greatest life lessons, they become a blessing, Ms. Neely, as an author and publisher, has a series of books that include dozens of lessons to date. Among the book titles so far are: “Blessons For Living: Always Remember and Never Forget” and “Blessons for Living: The BEST of BEING” (both from Blessons For Living – Life’s Greatest Lessons Shared); “A Girl Named Amaya: She Reached Inside Herself and Found her Strength”; and “Blessons for Living, Planting Seeds of Greatness.” Additionally, she is columnist for a magazine focused on offering advice for parents. As a coach and strategist, respectively, Ms. Neely often helps individuals develop to reach their desired professional aspirations and is an expert at getting key business messages out to the public through marketing.

A postal worker for 36 years until she retired in 2022, Ms. Neely was writing children’s books while working for the United States Postal Service (USPS), where she deeply distinguished herself being honored with various awards and climbed the ranks from her initial role as a clerk to a manager of strategic account development and operations at the headquarters in Washington, D.C. As the USPS national lead, she spearheaded the company’s nationwide efforts in helping political candidates during election mail cycles. Ms. Neely also led a team that managed the United States Postal Services’ largest account and worked with the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Other USPS positions she held were manager of major accounts; director of mailing services, new products, and innovation; district manager of shipping and mailing solutions; executive consultant; and a certified mail specialist. Her long USPS stint came after starting her career in 1988 working in media production and television distribution for CBS at Paramount.

Having held a 2020 certification in presenting “Embracing Unexpected” Change from the LinkedIn Corporation, Ms. Neely also received Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification from USPS Education along with earning a Master of Business Administration in marketing from Walden University, a Bachelor of Arts in management from the University of Phoenix, and an Associate of Arts in broadcasting from Los Angeles Valley College. Ms. Neely gives credit for her success to her desire to be a good example for her daughter and to make the most out of the life she was given. Despite inevitable challenges and working for, as opposed to being given, everything he has achieved, she wants others to know that life and success are not necessarily about how you start but how you finish.

In the next five to 10 years, Ms. Neely plans to write more books, including a Christian workbook. She also will seek large-scale retail distribution for her current books and wants to place her books at churches across the country. Further, Ms. Neely is passionate about starting an organization called Motivational Instructors Training America that will allow great public speakers opportunities to give positive, motivational talks to youth at schools nationwide.


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