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Donna Polk Stenson

Mrs. Polk-Stenson facilitates projects to meet many of the people’s needs, such as to aide low-income single parents and the elderly, statewide and overseas. MWOI Global has served families needing assistance from Genesis Women’s Shelter, Pakistan Grace Church, Brenda Ellis Children’s Home, HECLIFE and The Salvation Army, as well as families from Tanzania, children from Nigeria, and individuals who have been turned out of their homes. Over the past 25 years, the organization, under her leadership, has provided food, clothes, shoes, household goods, furniture, toiletries, and school and medical supplies, along with vitamins. Mrs. Polk-Stenson created MWOI Global Widow’s Basket in the United States, and now serves as the international director for the Widow’s Basket in the country of Pakistan, providing bags of grocery items to assist with food insecurity.

MWOI Global has future goals of providing high school graduation assistance, transitional assistance, scholarship provision, and to fund and coordinate the digging of wells in Africa with the support of others who will send in charitable contributions to her nonprofit. The board that Mrs. Polk-Stenson prayerfully assembled is comprised of 16 phenomenal people whom she holds dear. The MWOI Global board serves as an integral part of assisting her to achieve a plethora of accomplishments and tireless work. The board assembles at Mrs. Polk-Stenson’s request to coordinate for any sudden needs that arise with the latest being sending school supplies to Tanzania and feeding over 500 people in Pakistan during Easter. Additionally, Mrs. Polk-Stenson facilitates online Bible study in Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt, Thailand and India, furthering her service to humanity globally.

Mrs. Polk-Stenson has a broad and diverse education that consists of matriculations through Dallas Baptist University, Healing Thine Heart Ministries, Therapon Institute, El Centro College and Jakes Divinity School. She is a certified belief therapist and adult mental health aide. She is also an esteemed alumni of the prominent Jakes Divinity School, mastering the Women In Leadership and God’s Leading Ladies programs through Jakes Divinity at The Potter’s House Church in Dallas, Texas.

When she is not out performing her service to mankind as a philanthropist and a humanitarian, Mrs. Polk-Stenson spends quality time with her husband, Alton; her daughter, LaDonnava; and her grandchildren. She believes in training up her child and grandchildren in the way that they should go. She views it as an honor to be inducted into Who’s Who in America with other amazing philanthropists, such as Warren Buffett, along with Who’s Who of Professional Women. She is elated to be featured in the Marquis Who’s Who Millennials Magazine in the near future. Her future goals are to be in featured in Forbes and Fortune magazine, along with The Wall Street Journal.

Contact Information:
Email: prophetessstenson@gmail.com
Website: www.mwoiglobal.org


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