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Dina Bingham

Backed by her extensive career in computer technology, Dina L. Bingham excels as a Partner with IBM. Ms. Bingham is an evangelist of emerging technologies, tapped to drive the development, execution, and coordination of highly effective, multi-generational, cross-functional teams in digital finance and supply chain transformation. She analyzes complex situations, anticipates future trends, and gauges opportunities, while delivering large strategic enterprise-level technology initiatives. In Ms. Bingham’s current role, she partners to accelerate client value and to perform diverse and complex activities more efficiently with AI technologies, intelligent workflows and hybrid cloud.

Ms. Bingham provides leadership, coaching and mentoring to global professionals. She is an influencer that advocates for change, efficiency, and modernization. Strategy, development, operations management, and innovation are in Ms. Bingham’s DNA. She has established strong, trusted relationships with clients through her ability to partner and enhance the delivery of complex services.

Ms. Bingham is dedicated to mentoring the next generation of women leaders. One way she does this is by maintaining an active participation in IBM’s “Pay it Forward” group. Ms. Bingham is also active in mentoring diverse talent inside and outside of IBM. Currently, she plays a key role as the lead for Super Ally advocates, supporting the IBM US Black Business Resource Group.

Ms. Bingham is an IBM partner celebrating more than 30 years with IBM and is recognized as a leader and a veteran in her niche. Her interest in computer science began as a teen where she struggled to choose a single path to pursue until her father, an ardent technologist, encouraged her interest in computer science, and she fell in love with both the discipline and the opportunities that it afforded. Ms. Bingham went on to study business management at National Louis University and data processing and computer science at several institutions, earning credentials in complex program management, and is a certified judgment recovery specialist, among others.

Throughout her time at IBM, Ms. Bingham has held a broad range of roles, including Software Engineer, Project Manager, Project Executive and IBM Partner. Among the highlights of her time with IBM are her work on developing specialized technologies for the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games, partnering with a client on a first of a kind, accounts payable, Blockchain solution, and other innovative projects.

Ms. Bingham credits much of her success to the influence of her parents, her early professional mentors and being a lifelong learner, with a growth mindset and an innate curiosity about the world. She operates from a unique people-first philosophy that centers on team development and fostering a company culture that creates openings for diverse voices and skill sets. Ms. Bingham describes her coaching and leadership skills as “a part of her DNA,” and recalls that even as a high school student, she organized a social club and community outings for younger girls in her hometown of Poughkeepsie, New York.

She is vocal in encouraging other women to pursue careers in technology despite the obstacles or discouragement they may initially encounter, telling young girls to “not be afraid” of entering the field. Ms. Bingham aspires to continue helping others reach their highest potential.  As a leader at IBM, Ms. Bingham considers her career to be proof of the immense potential available to motivated and goal-oriented women.

In recognition of her decades of growth and accomplishments, Ms. Bingham has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, most recently a 2018 Technology Innovation IDEA Award for successfully implementing more than 100 innovation projects. Prior honors have included a 2008 100% Award, a 2009 Golden Circle Award for excellence, and an Atlanta Olympic Technology Team Award for her key role on IBM’s 1996 Olympics technology team. In order to remain aware of changes in the field, she has been affiliated with the International Association for Outsourcing Professionals, the Project Management Institute and the National Judgement Network.

While Ms. Bingham remains passionate about her work, her long-term goals include humanitarian efforts. Inspired by her memories of growing up as one of eight children and watching her father lead community projects addressing illiteracy and food insecurity, she hopes to develop a technology program that will address global food insecurity and establish a nonprofit offering transitional housing, job skills classes and childcare vouchers to homeless families within the next five years. Over the years, she has contributed to those in need by baking for the homeless; contributing to selective non-profits including, Meals on Wheels, the ASPCA, Atlanta Food Bank, the Parkinson’s Foundation; and volunteering with the NFL-Youth Education Town, through which she received a Civic Volunteer Award. Ms. Bingham is an accomplished amateur chocolatier and pâtissier.


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