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Dianna Singh
Lodi, CA. Photography

Dianna Singh found her niche in health and wellness quite by accident. Starting out as a realtor, she left her job after three years to take care of her aging father, who had dementia. After her father’s passing, she found herself feeling rather stuck, so when she saw the opportunity for part time work at Elk Grove Vitamins she applied, even though she didn’t know anything about the field at the time. Hired on after making a good impression with the owner despite her inexperience, she began working the very next day. Ms. Singh has grown considerably since those early days, but at the time discovering new avenues of health care was groundbreaking.

In particular, Ms. Singh recalls that when she first started her son had been struggling with allergies for years and was on so much medication that wasn’t really helping. Through her job, she discovered that people were using local honey as a way to help with allergies and when she tried it with her son, he saw massive improvement. After about a year with the store, the owner decided he was going to sell and Ms. Singh, with the support of her husband, purchased Elk Grove Vitamins and assumed ownership in 2014. Business ownership was another new experience for her, but she rose to the challenge as she navigated the process of developing her own brand for Elk Grove Vitamins.

Achieving a stellar reputation in the field, Ms. Singh became the owner of Cameron Park Vitamins in 2016 after the previous owner of more than 30 years reached out to her about selling the store. Today, she prides herself on the welcoming and soothing environments that she creates in both stores through relaxing music, ambient soundscapes and scent diffusers. Furthermore, she always strives to be personable and friendly, greeting all of her customers as they enter the store. If she isn’t able to greet them at the front, Ms. Singh will still call out a “hello” from wherever she is in the store when she hears the bell on the door chime.

As a certified holistic integrative health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Ms. Singh’s duties in her job range from managing daily operations to marketing to providing health coaching for her customers. She notes that one of the areas of her work she has grown the most in since she took over Elk Grove Vitamins is being a reliable and responsible boss to her employees. She has always been good at being a friend to people but cultivating the ability to be a respected boss while maintaining a friendly relationship with her employees is something that has taken practice.

Passionate about her work, Ms. Singh has contributed her skills to a number of other professional endeavors alongside her work with her stores. Since 2017, she has contributed health articles to Ardent for Life magazine and has also created videos for Europharma and offered seminars and educational talks on health and wellness throughout her community, including for the Elk Grove Police Department and the local fire department. For her excellence, Ms. Singh was featured in Vitamin Retailer Magazine and was honored with a certificate of appreciation for her appearance as a guest speaker at a health conference.

Ms. Singh truly feels that this is where she is supposed to be in her life and, looking toward the future, she hopes to continue managing and working in her stores for as long as she is able. Her ultimate goal is to make the city of Elk Grove, California, the healthiest city possible. Taking great joy in being able to help people, she considers her favorite aspect of her career to be when people come in and say they have had her stores recommended to them by a friend or family member. To young and aspiring professionals, Ms. Singh would advise them to strive to find empowerment in themselves.


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