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Danielle Collingwood

Danielle L. Collingwood is a commissioned notary public in the state of Florida and the owner of FloCoast Notary, an on-call mobile notary service providing services to clients throughout the Greater Tampa Bay area. Ms. Collingwood has been a notary public for more than 25 years, and was initially attracted to the work for its strong customer service component and the opportunity to interact with a broad range of people and situations. She started FloCoast Notary in 2019 after feeling like she “needed a change” from her current position and a desire to prioritize and diversify her notary work.

Ms. Collingwood is a natural entrepreneur and considers the freedom and unique challenges of small business ownership to be one of the best parts of her career, explaining that she loves the flexibility and creativity required to develop a successful company, as well as the opportunity to build something from the ground up. She completed coursework in psychology at the University of Utah, and is RON certified in notary essentials, a credential that she undergoes additional training and annual background checks to maintain. At FloCoast Notary, Ms. Collingwood handles notarizations for attorneys, school documents, health care facilities and more. The majority of her business comes from clients in attorneys’ offices, and she specializes in POA, trusts, deeds, health care directives, and much more.

Though Ms. Collingwood began as just a notary, through her experience in the field with the complex needs of a variety of types of legal documents, over time she broadened her skill set to cover loan signing and estate planning. Prior to opening FloCoast Notary, she was the owner of Beach N Boutique, an online store that she ran from 2018 until its closure in 2020. With firsthand experience in all levels of service and management and a unique perspective on the needs of clients and employees at all levels, Ms. Collingwood brings a unique sense of empathy and a well-tuned market savvy to her role at FloCoast Notary.

Ms. Collingwood’s current focus is continuing to build her business at FloCoast Notary. While she continues to work in the field providing notary services, she has also taken over primary responsibility for marketing the company independently and maintaining her business presence online. In the coming years, she hopes to be able to turn over much of the direct notary work that the company handles to a team of employees and transition into a more administrative role. Ms. Collingwood is an active member of the National Notary Association, the American Association of Notaries, and the Upper Tampa Chamber of Commerce.

As a reflection of her excellence, FloCoast Notary has been designated as a Highly Recommended Business by both LinkedIn and Alignable. She credits her success to her enthusiasm for working with others and her ongoing love for the field and the opportunities that it has afforded her, and feels privileged to be able to help clients navigate life changes and the legal paperwork that accompanies them. Furthermore, she is deeply grateful to the people who have inspired her, which include her daughter, Sydnee Marie Collingwood, and her mother-in-law, Estella Hoagland, a retired psychologist who dedicated her life to helping abused women. When she is not working, Ms. Collingwood enjoys kayaking, swimming, and riding her motorcycle, and volunteers with organizations including the ASPCA and the Arbor Day Foundation.


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