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Grazielly Costa

Possessing two decades of expertise in finance and accounting, Grazielly Duarte Costa is an internationally recognized certified public accountant who has served as the corporate controller at Petrobras America Inc. since 2021. Petrobras America Inc., widely known as Petrobras, is a subsidiary of Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. and a Brazilian multinational corporation headquartered in Rio de Janeiro. Leveraging her advanced skillset and keen ability to adapt swiftly to ever-evolving environments, Ms. Costa maintains responsibility for overseeing internal controls and general accounting matters.

Previously, Ms. Costa excelled in the gas and oil industry as the corporate controller for Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies between 2020 and 2021. During much earlier and extended career stints, she lent her expertise to KPMG in several positions across the United States and in Brazil. She began her professional journey in 2003 as an auditor for KPMG in Brazil and remained in that position until 2011. Immigrating to the United States shortly thereafter, she became the senior manager at KPMG in the United States, where she stayed until 2016. After spending the following two years as an internal audit manager at the Calpine Corporation, Ms. Costa returned to KPMG in the United States in 2018 to continue her prior role. She ultimately departed from KPMG in 2020. Over the course of her career at KPMG, she was nominated as a lead champion and was awarded opportunities to work in the field of data analytics. Furthermore, Ms. Costa was a liaison for KPMG’s human resources department, assisting international executives who endeavored to join the organization’s office in Houston, Texas.

Ms. Costa enjoys transitioning into different positions in her industry and upholding her responsibilities to the best of her ability, noting that her greatest accomplishment in her career has been her steadfast commitment to excellence regardless of the challenges that may arise. Likewise, Ms. Costa emphasizes that she is frequently called into a variety of roles that require efficient solutions, serving as a testament to her innovative attitude.

Alongside her primary pursuits in corporate finance, Ms. Costa is the owner of GraziAlley, a clothing company she established in 2019. Through this endeavor, she seeks to help women recognize their natural beauty, offering clothing designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Her clothing can be purchased from her website with a “Try It Before You Buy It” option. In addition, customers are provided opportunities to book an in-person visit to sample clothing at the company’s store in Houston. GraziAlley also offers an exclusive membership club, titled the Essential Club, through which customers can purchase boxes of clothing to try on in the comfort of their homes with an option to customize how frequently they receive their subscription. Ms. Costa believes that several women today feel pressured to adapt and comply with specific beauty standards; therefore, she has sought to help women discover their own confidence and beauty that exists outside of the stereotype.

To prepare for her profession, Ms. Costa pursued formal education at Pontificia Universidade Catolica, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2004. She then completed coursework toward a Master of Business Administration in finance, accounting, and auditing from Fundação Getulio Vargas in Brazil in 2008, shortly before deciding to relocate to the United States. Credentialed as a certified public accountant, Ms. Costa maintains active affiliations with such organizations as the Brazil Texas Chamber of Commerce, the Financial Executives Networking Group, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Likewise, she is a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors, the Mindful Business Women Association, and the Brazilian Association of Women Entrepreneurs.

Allocating much of her time to charitable entities as well, Ms. Costa is a sponsor for World Vision International and the Christian Family Ministry in England and a donor to The Seed Project, a nonprofit organization that aids patients who are seeking cancer treatment in Brazil. She has also been affiliated with Boys and Girls Country and church ministries at Second Baptist. Ms. Costa credits her unique sense of determination, resilience, adaptable nature, and drive as factors leading to her success. In the coming years, she aims to continue contributing to Petrobras as the business grows with a focused eye on a higher executive-level role in finance and accounting.


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