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Christine Rinehart

Bolstered by more than 20 years of expertise, Christine Rinehart is a refined specialist in her profession, having attained her cosmetology license during high school. Initially entering the industry in the ninth grade as part of her school’s vocational-technical education program, she quickly developed a passion for haircutting, styling, and coloring. In this regard, Ms. Rinehart notes that the technical aspects of her craft came naturally to her. As an enthusiast of science and mathematics, she easily grasped the structural aspects of cutting hair. From then on, she was motivated to practice and improve her skills.

While she was a teenager, Ms. Rinehart worked as an assistant salon technician and receptionist before graduating from high school in 2004. Equipped with her high school diploma and cosmetology license, she worked as a cosmetologist at Hair Flaire, a cosmetologist and extension specialist at Salon Accents, and a cosmetologist, extension specialist, manager, and marketing director at Ruby Red’s Salon. As her career progressed, Ms. Rinehart attained additional certifications in her industry, working as a cosmetologist and hair extension specialist at Frizzles Salon and Spa and as a contract hair stylist and extension specialist for the cheerleading team of the Washington Capitals. She also excelled as a stylist for Beyond Hair and Braids, a hair extension educator at OSY Inc. and Twin State Beauty Supply, and a hair extension specialist and manager at Elany Image.

Since 2020, Ms. Rinehart has thrived as the owner of the salon, The Glass Menagerie, in Alexandria, Virginia. Previously serving The Glass Menagerie as a hair extension specialty educator beginning in 2012, she has also owned and curated theLittleRnRShop since 2016. In the coming years, she will endeavor to maintain her business and continue providing personalized, tailored care to all her clients. She emphasizes that while she aspires to continue growing her business, she is satisfied with its current size and wholly appreciates everything she has accomplished in her life thus far.

Impressively, Ms. Rinehart was highlighted in VIP Alexandria, a local magazine, with a two-page spread that detailed her work as a hair extension specialist in 2022. Earlier in her career, she competed in the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America Skills USA Competition, winning first place in her district in her first year. In her second year, she notably placed 18th out of 53 competitors on the national scale.


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