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Christa Kennett

Steadily advancing in her career, Christa Janice Kennett, a certified cyber intelligence investigator (CCII), has been the lead information security analyst for identity and access management at EverBank since 2023, before which she excelled with the company as a senior information security analyst. She joined EverBank in 2009, starting as a loan assistant and then becoming an audit, invoice, and release analytics coordinator from 2015 to 2019. Between 2019 and 2021, she worked as an information security analyst.

In her current position, Ms. Kennett enjoys being a key member of a large team. She heads the identity and access management division within the larger cybersecurity group and is responsible for assembling and launching access reviews for all company applications and users. In addition, she functions as the primary liaison connecting the bank with internal and external audit partners.

Ms. Kennett holds numerous certifications in her field as a testament to her commitment to professional development. In 2019, she earned the Florida Investigator CC Intern License from the National Investigative Training Academy Inc., and in 2022, she earned her CCII designation from the McAfee Institute. In 2008, Ms. Kennett graduated from Florida Technical College with an associate degree as a medical and clinical assistant, later returning to academia with Florida Health, where she obtained an Associate of Science in criminal justice and corrections in 2019. As soon as she graduated, she was offered a position within the cybersecurity group at EverBank.

Believing in the importance of questioning everything, Ms. Kennett knows her inquisitive nature has been instrumental in her achievements. She advises aspiring professionals to pursue as many credentials and gain as much experience as possible. Looking forward, she plans to shift her career trajectory toward investigation and management roles within EverBank. When she isn’t working, Ms. Kennett loves spending time with her two dogs.


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