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Growing up on a farm, Paula J. Wilson developed a strong natural background and an innate sense of wellness at an early age. She began her career as a licensed thoroughbred trainer, but eventually decided to focus her attention on physical therapy and naturopathy. Over the years, Dr. Wilson developed an expertise in the integration of innovative treatment techniques. She turned that experience into a thriving company, Energy Medicine, LLC, which she serves as the president, owner, and naturopathy practitioner. Her responsibilities include developing products, handling marketing, and managing the business.

Outside of her company, Dr. Wilson is very active in her community. She is working on setting up an endowment fund for Cedar Crest College, and she serves on the board of ABEC, Inc., a biopharmaceutical manufacturing company in Pennsylvania. The company was recently awarded a certificate for export achievement from Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania and the Mayor of Bethlehem, Pa, John Callaghan. Additionally, Dr. Wilson has been affiliated with organizations like Frontline Rescue, the World Wildlife Fund, Raising Malawi, Inc., and KidsPeace.

To prepare for her endeavors, Dr. Wilson earned a Bachelor of Music in professional music from the Berklee College of Music, a master’s degree in telecommunications with a concentration in educational documentary from the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, a master’s degree in medical radiesthesia, and a Doctor of Natural Medicine from the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners of North America. She also obtained a quantum healing license, a quantum instructor license, a license in traditional naturopathy, certification in equine studies, and board certification as a natural therapy practitioner.

In recognition of her efforts, Dr. Wilson was named an ABI fellow in 2010 and earned an International Peace Prize from the United Cultural Convention, a Great Minds of the 21st Century Award, and a National Professional Women Award in Health Care and Medicine. She attributes her success to her upbringing, open-mindedness, creativity, and focus on progress.

When Dr. Wilson isn’t working, she enjoys spending time outdoors and breeding and training horses. Looking to the future, she intends to establish an online school of integrative medicine and certificate programs in equine studies. She would also like to write books and create new projects.


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