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Catherine Palmisano

Having accrued over 15 years of inimitable expertise in her area of expertise, Catherine J. Palmisano, CPA, has garnered a laudable reputation as a shareholder and financial reporter at Hughes, Snell and Company since 2005. Established in 1974, the firm notably serves the area of Fort Myers, Florida, in providing a comprehensive range of practice in the fields of accounting, as well as tax and business advisement. Eminently qualified in her field, Ms. Palmisano holds an advanced audit certificate from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

While attending high school, Ms. Palmisano undertook courses in accounting and became interested in the field. She also drew inspiration from her father, who was an accountant in his own right. Shortly after graduating from high school, Ms. Palmisano matriculated at Florida Gulf Coast University, from which she earned a Master of Science in accounting and taxation, magna cum laude.

In her current position, Ms. Palmisano specializes in such areas as business development, marketing, staff management, workflow quality assurance, business direction, and strategy and finance, among other disciplines. For her professional endeavors, she was listed in Business Observer’s 40 Under 40 and was nominated for the Eagle Distinction from Florida Gulf Coast University. A dedicated civic advocate, she has been affiliated with the Gladiolus Learning and Development Center, the United Way Allocation, the United Way Pacesetter Campaign and the Family Health Center. Looking toward the future, Ms. Palmisano aspires to stay with the firm and make the audit practice there the same size as the tax practice.


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