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Carolyn Robison

Initially an English major in college, Carolyn Love Robison, PhD, has loved literature for as long as she can remember. She wanted to find some way to incorporate her passion into her career, but she discovered early on that teaching wasn’t for her. While looking into other options, Dr. Robison came across the library science program at Emory University. She decided to give it a shot, and quickly found that she had made the right decision. She ended up graduating with a Master of Library Science in 1965.

Degree in hand, Dr. Robison got to work making her dreams a reality. She started out by getting a job as an assistant librarian, an architecture librarian and a lecturer at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she worked from 1965 to 1967. Dr. Robison then transferred to Georgia State University as the head of circulation, and really felt at home there. She stayed with the school in roles like associate librarian, associate professor and professor until her retirement in 1998.

One of the highlights of Dr. Robison’s time at Georgia State University was earning a PhD in 1982. She hadn’t anticipated pursuing a doctorate prior, but was thrilled by the milestone. Dr. Robison is also proud of the relationships she established with her colleagues, peers, and community over the years. She placed a high value on networking and learning from people she admired, and to keep in touch, she joined prominent professional organizations like the American Library Association, the Georgia Library Association, Delta Kappa Gamma, Phi Kappa Phi, and Kappa Delta Phi. This helped her make a lot of really great connections. Two of her most notable mentors were Dr. Ralph Russel and Dr. Mario Goglia. Both were incredibly supportive and encouraging throughout her entire journey.

Now that Dr. Robison has stepped back from the workforce, she enjoys participating in her mystery book club, Dames of Deduction.

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