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Combining her love for literature with her love of God, Carol Ann Wehrheim is thriving as a writer and editor. She notably published 18 board books with Bible stories for toddlers, which were reviewed in the Philadelphia Enquirer,  as well as books like “The Baptism of Your Child,” “Growing Together,” “Getting It Together,” “The Great Parade,” and “The Journey Ahead.”  She is particularly proud of becoming the general editor of “Feasting on the Word Curriculum,” in 2010 and maintaining the position until 2017. Another highlight was having the Princeton Seminary Library ask for permission to put all of her papers in their archives. She attributes her success to her family, who taught her that she could do anything.

In addition to her novels, Ms. Wehrheim currently serves as a writer and editor in Princeton, N.J. Previously, she was the assistant director of the Doctor of Ministry Program at the McCormick Theological Seminary, an associate readability editor for the Common English Bible Editorial Team, the secretary for early childhood education at the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries, and the director of the Woods Child Development Center. She also garnered experience as the director of Christian education at St. John’s United Church of Christ, the Hammond Street Congregational Church, and the Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church, and as a teacher at Union 90 in Alton, Maine.​Ms. Wehrheim prepared for her career by earning a Master of Arts in religious education from McCormick Theological Seminary in 1964 and a Bachelor of Arts from Southern Illinois University in 1962. She ensured she remained connected with developments in her field through affiliations with the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators and AAUW.

As a testament to her achievements thus far, Ms. Wehrheim was honored as the Educator of the Year through the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators in 2001, a Distinguished Alumni through the McCormick Theological Seminary, and an Outstanding Young Woman of America through AAUW.Looking to the future, Ms. Wehrheim intends to publish “The Baptism of Your Child, Second Edition,” and “Growing in God’s Love.”


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