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Passionate and hardworking, Carol Anne Smiley incorporated a wide range of interests into her professional journey. She jumpstarted her career by co-founding Anvic Enterprise in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where she also served as the vice president, secretary and treasurer from 1963 to 1970. That year, Ms. Smiley began her transition to organic farming and fiber sculpting, which lasted from 1970 until 1986. She had farms at locations in both Solon, Iowa, and Argyle, N.Y., in that time frame. She also completed stints as a member of the Republican Central Committee for Johnson County, Iowa, from 1971 to 1972, a teacher at Solon High School from 1973 to 1974, and as the co-founder and director of Yankee Horse Trader in Bennington, Vt., in 1974.

As a fiber sculptor, Ms. Smiley participated in a number of shows, including at the Green Mountain Collaborative from 1974 to 1978. Other notable exhibitions include the Woman Art Gallery in New York City between 1977 and 1978 and the Lincoln Center Group Show in New York City in 1978.

​In 1986, Ms. Smiley transferred to yet another industry, health care, and it is there that she truly found her niche. She devoted 25 years to her position as a caregiver and coordinator at Home Health Care and Hospice in Brattleboro, Vt., and is proud of the impact she made. One of the highlights of her career was working with the hospice 24 hours a day. Although she retired in 2011, she continues to give back to her community as a consultant in grassroots home health. She also serves her peers as a member of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Ms. Smiley’s efforts and accomplishments in her fields have not gone unnoticed. She was honored with inclusion in numerous editions of Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, and Who’s Who of American Women, as well as two volumes of Who’s Who in Science and Engineering.

Now in retirement, Ms. Smiley spends half of the year in Spain, privately tutoring students in English, and half of the year in the U.S. She enjoys spending her free time with her children, Donald Victor Jr., Julie Ann, Joseph Charles, and Thomas Wayne, her four grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.


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