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Carol Hulsizer

Carol Michelle Hulsizer is a broker with Spot Realty, where she has specialized in commercial transactions and industrial land sales since 1997. Born into a family with a strong tradition of working in building trades, Ms. Hulsizer was inspired by her father, a real estate developer, to pursue a career in realty. She studied at the State University of New York Brockport, graduating magna cum laude in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree, and went on to earn a certificate in commercial real estate from the New York State Commercial Association of Realtors, Inc.

Ms. Hulsizer has spent more than 25 years of her career as a broker for Spot Realty, a family-owned, Rochester-based business offering brokerage and property management services. The company represents a portfolio of commercial properties, including industrially-zoned land and buildings and manufacturing and retail spaces. Its property management arm represents residential rental properties, including duplexes and condos, investment properties, and others, in addition to its primary commercial focus.

As a commercial real estate broker, Ms. Hulsizer is dedicated to remaining in the vanguard of her field through savvy trend watching and a deep understanding of the areas she serves. A large portion of her work is centered on market research, investigating currently available and soon-to-be-listed properties and studying market trends in order to better connect to prospective clients and create better communities. Since starting Spot Realty, Ms. Hulsizer’s children have joined her in the business, continuing the family tradition of involvement in the building and real estate industries.

In addition to managing her own clients and properties, Ms. Hulsizer is responsible for overseeing other agents working for Spot Realty, including professional development and mentoring new agents. A career real estate broker and realtor, she is dedicated to the development of her field and to assisting others in maintaining the growth and integrity of the profession. Ms. Hulsizer is active in several industry groups, including the New York State Association of Realtors and the New York State Commercial Association of Realtors, Inc.

Ms. Hulsizer considers one of the highlights of her professional life to have been facilitating several multimillion-dollar deals. She is proud to have maintained a 100% satisfaction rate throughout her more than 25 years in the field and today offers her clients a satisfaction guarantee. Ms. Hulsizer attributes her success to hard work, connections with others, and being able to listen to and understand her clients’ needs due to her many years in the industry and the Rochester area. She looks forward to continuing to grow her business in the coming years and using her platform as a pillar of the area business community to facilitate outreach.

Outside her work in real estate development, Ms. Hulsizer is an advocate for mental health access and addiction recovery. She is the founder and executive director of Mission Recovery and Hope, an organization established in 2016. Mission Recovery and Hope provides addiction and substance use recovery education and outreach to the Rochester community, including creating media to help dispel common misunderstandings and stigmas about addiction and facilitating community treatment and peer support programs. One of the organization’s core programs is community naloxone administration training and supply distribution, allowing members of the community and people who use opiates to access and administer the lifesaving drug and prevent overdose deaths. In her personal time, Ms. Hulsizer enjoys cooking, swimming, and spending time with her grandchildren.


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