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Betty J. Pittard of Chattanooga, Tennessee, sees in her mind what others may miss, even if it’s physically in front of them. That foresight is what the veteran marketing and visual merchandising expert gets paid for as president of BP Consultant, the firm she founded in 2022.

Ms. Pittard and her team are responsible for helping each of their clients look ahead as well, by assisting them with forming a business plan, business development, traditional and digital marketing, public relations, and event planning. These consulting services are primarily provided for local women, including women of color in underserved and marginalized areas. The firm takes businesses to the next level, proudly declaring the mantra, “Good, better, best.”

Ms. Pittard has extensive experience working with some of the country’s biggest and most recognizable consumer brands. Prior to forming BP Consultant, she was a retail business dealer with Wrangler Denim, Kate Spade, Lee Denim and Rainer. She also contracted as a visual merchandiser with Belk, Diller, JCPenny, Steers, Cole and Target. Ms. Pittard became involved in the industry because she wanted to help women, especially women of color, who often need help finding or accessing funding to start, maintain and build a business.

Ms. Pittard earned a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Tennessee in 1980. After taking constitutional law as an undergraduate and initially seeking to study law after graduating, she joined the American Bar Association with encouragement from a law professor and mentor she greatly admired at the University of Tennessee. Ms. Pittard’s name was even placed on the Wall of Justice at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama. She considers these among her best achievements, yet her career would ultimately take a different and still successful path based on her ongoing desire to share her business-building talents with organizations and individuals and help others through philanthropy.

Ms. Pittard recalls other accomplishments she has cherished during her academic and professional careers. On the philanthropic side, she provides scholarships to students at the University of Tennessee and plans to establish a legacy scholarship in her parents’ names at the University of Tennessee’s business school. She also makes charitable contributions financially or as a volunteer to UNICEF, Angel Tree, March of Dimes, Operation Smile and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Professionally, she will never forget the privilege of working for Kate Spade and how it broke her heart when the famed designer passed away. Ms. Pittard declares Kate Spade as the best organization for which she’s ever worked.

Ms. Pittard is a member of the University of Tennessee scholarship committee on the board, the American Bar Association, the Tennessee Lauren Association for Women, the Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority on the board of trustees, the National Low Income Housing Coalition as a charter member, the International African American Museum, the Smithsonian National African American Museum, and The White Rose Foundation on the board of trustees. She credits her success to mentors who taught her to do something good in her name, to be humble and kind, and to serve God and others. Ms. Pittard’s most valued personal attribute is the work ethic learned from her father.


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