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Anna Pierson

Implementing unique strategies to help businesses grow, Anna Terrena Pierson is the founder, managing consultant, and owner of Alpha-OPS Consulting LLC, established in 2023 in Baltimore, Maryland. Her entrepreneurial career began shortly after immigrating to the United States in 2001, as she possessed the knowledge and experience to succeed but was initially unable to break into the corporate world. For more than five years, Ms. Pierson managed her own consulting business, eventually parlaying her expertise into an opportunity with L3Harris as a junior analyst and later advancing to a principal position in program management. She is proud to have overcome setbacks and rejections to achieve such an important position in an engineering firm, noting that she never gave up on her dreams and remained open to continual education and expanding her professional skill set.

After departing L3Harris, Ms. Pierson worked for FM Talent Source, a small minority- and women-owned business. There, she realized that, with her diverse experience, she, too, could run an entire business on her own. This awakening inspired her to leave and return to her roots—again launching her own new consulting business—this time, Alpha-OPS Consulting LLC.  Attributing her success to self-discipline, motivation, professional development, and innate drive, she began her career pursuits in Russia, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business management in 2000 prior to immigrating to the United States.

Remaining consistently committed to her education, Ms. Pierson earned a certification in contracts management from San Diego State University and a certification in advanced program management from Successful Strategies International Inc. (SSI) in 2009. In 2011, Ms. Pierson obtained a certification in portfolio management from SSI, and in 2014, she completed a professional certificate in strategic decision and risk management from Stanford University. Due to her prowess and immense wealth of knowledge, she has excelled in all her endeavors. While working with L3Harris, she was recognized with multiple professional awards in honor of her exceptional contributions.

Recounting her vital and impressive professional journey, from inception through today, in greater detail, Ms. Pierson started her career at L3Harris in 2006, accepting the role of a senior proposal development and pricing analyst, where she remained for three years. In 2010, she became a program manager, and in 2012, she rose to the position of senior manager of proposal development and business capture, in which she thrived for more than five years. In 2018, Ms. Pierson was promoted to lead program manager level V, later advancing to principal program manager level VI in 2020. Upon concluding her tenure with the engineering giant, she briefly served as the senior director of business development at FM Talent Source before striking out on her own with Alpha-OPS Consulting LLC.

Ms. Pierson has consistently grown and changed throughout her career and strongly believes that most people grow more humble and grateful with age. A self-described overachiever and perfectionist, she notes that growing one’s emotional intelligence alongside one’s intellect is key to long-term success. As an effective leader, she knows the importance of staying calm and making effective, efficient decisions despite any challenges or obstacles. Furthermore, Ms. Pierson stresses the value of remaining open to tackling challenges and has learned to maintain her own expectations while adjusting her outlook to her environment.

Looking ahead, Ms. Pierson envisions her company developing an educational program, such as an internship for students, to help mentor the next generation of professionals in her industry. She hopes to continue growing professionally and in her personal life and aims to expand her business, bringing in more consultants and catering to even more clients. Ms. Pierson enjoys her work and especially loves working in an engaged, effective, and collaborative team environment. In her role, she looks forward to continuing to do her part by providing invaluable feedback for years to come.


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