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Ziporen Hazum

Ziporen Hazum is a perfectionist. Multifaceted and uber-accomplished throughout her career, she has adopted time-tested, guiding principles that continue to shape her approach to her work as a project manager at Wizard Studios, where, since 2023, she has worked for the creative and service department producing conferences, company events, photo booths, and red-carpet events. With an absolute commitment to delivering for her clients, Ms. Hazum and her team tailor solutions to meet customer needs. She recognizes the value of thinking as a team. Thus, she devotes herself to learning more about her colleagues’ particular responsibilities so she can excel at planning and facilitating projects. Moreover, she strives to stay ten steps ahead of the field and leverages this capability to foresee potential problems and identify new opportunities. Experience has taught her to never compromise on meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations while recognizing the importance of a healthy work-life balance.

Ms. Hazum started on her professional path after taking a high school videography class at her mother’s suggestion. She was inspired to pursue a career in filmmaking, which started in the Israeli Air Force’s film unit after she was drafted by the Israeli Defense Force. She created four reality television shows while working with sponsors at Abot Hameiri before moving on to other film production companies, such as Paradiso Filmmakers LTD, where she spent six years as a producer and production manager. From 2016 to 2019, Ms. Hazum was a production manager in research and creative development at The Ark Experience LLC, subsequently serving the company as a creative producer before accepting a role as a production manager at Brut America in 2020. Since then, she has been a creative producer and project manager with Particle3 Inc. alongside her role as a project manager at Wizard Studios.

Among her achievements, Ms. Hazum is most proud of her six years at the award-winning Israeli commercial production company Paradiso Filmmakers LTD. She also cites as career highlights her nomination for her work at Particle3 Inc. and her production of a virtual fundraising video for United Hatzalah of Israel that generated $1 million during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ms. Hazum has been recognized with Effie Awards for several commercials, GIA Awards, a Cactus Award for Campaign of the Year, a Gold Telly Award for Best Use of Augmented Reality, and Gold Telly Awards for Immersive and Mixed Reality. She received recognition as the Globes Campaign of the Month for her work on Unilever’s Klik brand and was honored with a GIA Marketing Campaign of the Year award for her 888Sport work.

Ms. Hazum has brought her expertise, dedication to quality, and years of experience to every role, project, event, and campaign across her body of work. Her diverse qualifications include professional certificates in events production and design, film, and makeup artistry from Concept College, ORT Colleges, and IL MAKIAGE, respectively. She stays involved in and contributes to her industry through memberships in The Israeli TV and Film Producers Association and the New York Production Alliance—and was a former member of the Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Association. For aspiring professionals, Ms. Hazum notes that it’s okay for others to think you’re aggressive if you are devoted to the pursuit of your goals. She advises them to follow their intuition, maintain a backup plan, and never give up on their principles.

In her free time, Ms. Hazum enjoys spending time with friends, studying psychology and spiritual development, playing drums, crocheting, reading, arts and crafts, painting, and drawing. Ms. Hazum also stays centered by journaling and meditating and is developing a meditation program for children and their families.


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