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Venisha Frith

Venisha R. Frith is an accomplished financial professional who leverages her adaptability and innovative nature to ensure the growth of her firm. Working with the company for more than 20 years, she is now the chief financial officer and chief administrative officer of Dinosaur Group Holdings, a full-service institutional brokerage and investment advisory firm. As a testament to her dedication, expertise, and hard work, she has led the firm to enduring success even during challenging times. Ms. Frith is responsible for managing the company’s finances, bookkeeping, corresponding with auditors and accountants for tax purposes, working with regulators to ensure compliance, and supervising the office’s staff. As a manager, she takes a hands-off approach, having the confidence that everyone is fulfilling their duties. She holds her employees to a high standard, as she believes that they are an extension of her leadership, and, therefore, represent her.

Early in her professional pursuits, Ms. Frith planned to work in the field of psychology. She immigrated to the United States from Jamaica in 1991 at age f10, completed her high school education in 1998, and studied psychology at the City College of New York, graduating in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science. After taking a part-time job as a medical biller for a chiropractic office, she was approached by a client about a business opportunity. Ms. Frith applied for a clerical position with his company and was hired in 2002 to work under a certified public accountant. As she continued to develop her professional skills, she became the company’s bookkeeper. She steadily became more engaged and experienced in her field and eventually rose through the ranks at Dinosaur Group Holdings until she achieved her current roles as chief financial officer and chief administrative officer.

As an experienced and qualified financial professional, Ms. Frith earned her Series 27 license as a financial operations principal and her Series 99 license as an operations professional. After completing her bachelor’s degree in psychology, she continued her education at Colorado Technical University, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in accounting and later graduated with a Master of Business Administration in accounting in 2012. Ms. Frith is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, the oldest academic honor society in the United States, and the Golden Key International Honor Society, a Georgia-based nonprofit that recognizes academic achievement among college students. To stay current with developments in her field, she maintains membership with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, which oversees the broker-dealer industry to protect investors and ensure honesty and fairness. Ms. Frith is proud to represent women and African Americans in her field, which lacks diverse representation. She hopes to inspire other young women to persevere and break boundaries.

Ms. Frith attributes her success in all her endeavors to her strong faith in God, without whom she believes she would not have accomplished anything. As a lauded, ordained pastor, she remains active in ministry, working alongside her husband, who is a minister. Passionate and dedicated to their local churches and communities, Ms. Frith and her husband participate in outreach efforts, including providing food to the homeless, sending school supplies and clothing to Jamaica, and spreading their faith. Soon, the couple plans to establish a marriage ministry.

Continuing to develop and grow in her professional pursuits, Ms. Frith is determined to achieve significant changes in her career. With hard-earned confidence in her skills and experience, she believes that consulting work would be the best fit for her in the coming decade. The prospect of branching out and rebranding her business excites Ms. Frith, and she is determined to relocate and pursue her goals. Despite her extensive professional experience, she remains driven to continue working hard and contributing as both a financial professional and pastor. Away from business, Ms. Frith enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering.


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