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Tina Waggoner

Tina Marie Bosler Waggoner has made a name for herself in information technology, engineering and telecommunications. Since 2021, she has excelled as the information technology manager for CellSite Solutions, where she brings her expertise in data governance and business IT to oversee process alignment and streamlining of the company’s internal programs. Prior to this position, she spent a number of years with Timberline Manufacturing and Rockwell Collins, which is now part of Collins Aerospace, a subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies. Ms. Waggoner is particularly proud of what she achieved during her tenure with Rockwell Collins, notably establishing a design center in Hyderabad, India.

Within a month of work, Ms. Waggoner had the design center fully functional with just three employees and increased the projected staff by 600% her first year and 850% the next. She also served as a host and escort for their Indian team members when they came to the United States to complete training. The design center project vastly exceeded her expectations and left a lasting impression on her superiors as well. Ms. Waggoner notes that 22 out of her original 25 team members remain with Rockwell Collins, and the company continues to seek out her help with onboarding requirements.

Throughout her career, Ms. Waggoner has continually sought to further her education. She holds three associate degrees in information management, landscaping and horticulture, and mechanical engineering, which she received from Bryan College, Texas A&M University, and Kirkwood Community College, respectively. Matriculating at Mount Mercy University, Ms. Waggoner first earned a bachelor’s degree in business, magna cum laude, before capping off her formal studies with a Master of Business Administration in 2016.

While attending Texas A&M, Ms. Waggoner was proud to be asked to serve as an instructor and taught several mathematics courses. She has continued to remain involved in education, spending time on the advisory boards for Kirkwood Community College, Iowa Western Community College, and Eastern Iowa Community College and serving as a keynote speaker and job shadow host for the Cedar Rapids Community School District for grades K-12. Furthermore, she helped to organize an annual mechanical design support tour and job shadowing event; was a facilitator and student greeter for Open Minds, Open Doors; and founded a design documentation internship program.

In order to keep abreast of developments in her field, Ms. Waggoner maintains professional affiliation with Women in Technology. Outside of her career, she is also a dedicated community advocate and volunteers her time to such organizations as the Aiming for a Cure Foundation and the Open Arms Foundation. Looking toward the future, Ms. Waggoner hopes to pave the way to make CellSite Solutions fully automated to increase efficiency. She believes that they can accomplish twice as much with the same number of people once they have all their moving parts automated.

Attributing much of her success to the mentorship she has received from leaders in her field, Ms. Waggoner also credits her own abilities as a fast learner. Today, she strives to return to the opportunities she was given by mentoring others and sharing her knowledge with colleagues and employees. She has made a name for herself as someone who has a knack for seeing people’s strengths and who is fair, honest and upfront. For her excellence, Ms. Waggoner was presented with the Women’s Achievement Award by Waypoint in 2014.

Furthermore, Ms. Waggoner received early recognition from Rockwell Collins’ subsidiary group in India for her work establishing a design center there and was later named a Performance Excellence Expert by the company. Other accolades to her name include being featured as a Woman of Accomplishment by United Way Worldwide and with Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized. Ms. Waggoner was also notably the winner of a design challenge during a design week.


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