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Tara Ryan

Having accrued 30 years of inimitable experience in the field of interior design, Tara Ryan has garnered a laudable reputation as the president of Ryan Young Interiors since 1991. Established as a joint venture at the height of the early 1990s recession, the company initially struggled to make inroads in the realm of model home interior design, and maintained a lean operation until the economic headwinds shifted and allowed her and her then-business partner, Robert Young, to expand their presence throughout California. Further good fortune arrived in the form of a lucrative contract, which was offered by a businessman based out of Beijing, to design the interiors for 32 projects to be constructed in China. Ms. Ryan traveled to China over 30 times over the next 12 years, during which she developed an impressive fluency with the country, the culture and the way in which business is conducted there.

During this time, however, the Great Recession of 2008 struck. While China was mostly shielded from the downturn, the domestic construction industry of the United States was profoundly affected, resulting in a significant downsizing for the staff of Ryan Young Interiors. Despite these heartbreaking tribulations, Ms. Ryan proudly recalls the tenacity and loyalty of staff members who remained. Following those difficult years and the subsequent recovery, Ryan Young Interiors has sought to increase its portfolio by launching a Commercial Department, and has gone on to spearhead projects involving multi-family projects, hospitality facilities, office spaces, executive clubhouses and even a monastery.

In accounting for her success, Ms. Ryan credits her strident work ethic. Indeed, her dedication has consistently won both her and Ryan Young Interiors recognition for the quality of their work. The company has one well over 250 best interior design awards and has qualified yearly for best interior awards for projects throughout the United States.

Prior to embarking on her professional journey, Ms. Ryan sought a formal education at the Design Institute of San Diego and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Prior to attending the Design Institute of San Diego, she attended Washington State University, where she was a sociology major. Prior to starting her career in design, she worked as a flight attendant for American Airlines, where her love for travel began. After a few years, Ms. Ryan returned to the west coast from living in New York and, after delivering an impressive interview with the president of McMillin Companies, she was brought on as a designer and, after two years, was promoted to being vice president. Since that time, Ryan Young Interiors has remained involved in pertinent organizations as the Building Industry Association, the Sales and Marketing Council, and the National Association of Building Industries.

Looking toward the future, Ms. Ryan aspires to contribute further to the success of Ryan Young Interiors until she retires. Following this, she intends for her daughter, McKenzie, to take over alongside her husband, Taylor. In the immediate term, however, Ms. Ryan plans to expand the company operations into hospitality, as well as low-income housing in an effort to contribute to those less fortunate. Through such projects, she hopes to leave behind a positive legacy in the industry that she has focused on for 30+ years.

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