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Susan D. Duncan has enjoyed four decades of success in the real estate industry as a certified real estate broker associate. She earned her first real estate license in Arizona in 1979 at only 19 years of age, and continued to build her career to become one of the best-known brokers in the area. Before entering the field, Ms. Duncan held a series of hospitality jobs, eventually leading her to a position as a server in a high end fine-dining restaurant. At the time, she felt little sense of direction, and recalls thinking that she had “no idea what she wanted to do” in the long-term. Naturally personable and detail-oriented, Ms. Duncan was one of the top servers at the establishment, and soon began to be recognized by a number of the restaurant’s regulars.

Located in the city’s business district, the restaurant was frequented by many realtors and real estate brokers who advised Ms. Duncan to try her hand at the industry and offered her advice on how to get started. Initially skeptical, she felt that she lacked knowledge and a sense of authority due to her age and inexperience, explaining that she was “just a kid” and had never owned a home before. One of Ms. Duncan’s regular patrons, a broker-owner with years of experience in the local market, offered to take her under his wing and train her personally, advising her that working with homebuyers was just like waiting tables: she simply had to listen to what a client wanted, and then go out and find it for them. With the broker’s guidance, Ms. Duncan left the restaurant to launch her real estate career while still a teenager.

Ms. Duncan blossomed in the real estate industry, finding it a perfect fit for her personality and professional strengths. She has spent more than 25 years in her current position as a broker associate realtor with RE/MAX Masters Millennium, where she has developed a reputation for her stellar customer service skills and ability to build rapport with clients. As one of the firm’s Preferred Realtors, Ms. Duncan is responsible for working with clients who begin their property search without an established relationship with a broker and representing RE/MAX Masters Millennium in the best possible light.

Throughout her career, Ms. Duncan has become a residential property specialist, citing her enjoyment of the more personal aspects of the work. She considers finding the perfect home for each client to be her greatest accomplishment, explaining that she is not satisfied with “just any house.” Ms. Duncan sets herself apart by striving to get to know each client on a personal level and matching them with properties that will become a nurturing home base for their families and set the stage for their dreams.

In recognition of her commitment to her clients, Ms. Duncan is a member of the RE/MAX Platinum Club and Hall of Fame, and has been the recipient of the prestigious Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award. When not focused on her work, she is active in the community and focused on providing humanitarian support to those most in need, and has served as a voluntary chaplain for the Colorado Department of Corrections since 2002. In her free time, she is an avid golfer and can frequently be found at the gym, and is enthusiastic about beauty and skincare, building on a family tradition of work in the industry. Ms. Duncan is as passionate about her own home and garden as she is about her clients’ homes, explaining that “your house becomes a part of you eventually.”

A native of South Dakota, Ms. Duncan attributes much of her success to the values and integrity passed on to her by her late mother and lives by the dictum to “never judge a book by its cover.” A parent to one son and a grandmother of two, Ms. Duncan considers family time to be one of her greatest priorities, and she looks forward to getting married in the coming years and taking the opportunity to travel more. She remains as excited about the real estate industry as she was when she earned her first license, and anticipates remaining in the field and working alongside her clients and fellow brokers for as long as she is able.


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