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Sibelys Alvarez

Initially working in the medical field with the goal of becoming a registered nurse, Sibelys Alvarez became involved in real estate after one of her patients struck up a conversation about how she and her husband were trying to enter the Florida real estate market. With her interest piqued, Ms. Alvarez accepted the patient’s offer to coach her in the new profession. Today the decision to switch careers years ago has paid off in profits and prestige for Ms. Alvarez, a licensed real estate agent specializing in residential sales and a solutions expert at Offerpad in Clermont, Florida, where she lists homes and helps buyers fulfill their dreams.

A member of the National Association of Realtors and the Orlando Regional Realtor Association, Ms. Alvarez says she never thought that her leap of faith would lead her to join the corporate world, take her out of her comfort zone as a former business owner, and elevate her to grow professionally and consistently make more than six figures selling homes, completing 96 transactions in 2021 as a career highlight. For her prowess in the industry, she was featured in Top Agent Magazine in 2022, won the Top Producer Award at Offerpad in 2021 and 2022, made the cover of Marquis Magazine online, and is being featured in an additional Marquis publication, Millenium Magazine.

Ms. Alvarez credits her career success to her team, whose members—especially the coordinator—have gone above and beyond to help her surpass production and financial goals. She has learned that forming and nurturing lasting and healthy relationships, paying attention to what clients want, and delivering those requests with care and devotion are the keys to attracting opportunities for new deals and repeat business. She also enjoys and is committed to helping other agents. What separates her, according to her clients, is her personality, dedication, showing up prepared, and demonstrating knowledge about her field.

Ms. Alvarez’s passion for real estate is another reason for her accomplishments, saying she loves the process of looking at homes, helping people from the beginning until the end of the process, witnessing all the backstories that develop in between, and seeing clients’ faces finally light up. For her, the journey is just as important as the ultimate outcome. Motivated by her family, Ms. Alvarez wanted to model for her son, Louis, that hard work pays off. Her husband Hector, a real estate agent who recently joined the industry, works with her and handles the buying aspects of Offerpad.

Ms. Alvarez plans to continue to work in real estate in the coming years and serve as a mentor to aspiring and emerging professionals, including when she retires. She always looks forward to sharing her knowledge, especially on the importance of grammar, terminology, psychology, and many other tips for success. Some of her words of wisdom include the need to be far better than one’s peers by going above and beyond what is expected. This concept is especially important for women working in an industry traditionally dominated by men, she says, therefore a woman’s competition level must be greater by striving much harder to become successful.

Outside of real estate, Ms. Alvarez is working on a new project, an idea she created that involves vending machines. She plans to oversee the labor and provide the knowledge, and her partner, a real estate client, will manage the money. The outdoor vending machines will sell tobacco and vapes, she says, and will be the first ever in Florida and perhaps elsewhere to require age verification and be controlled from a person’s cellphone. Ms. Alvarez and her business partner may start operating the new venture within the next year.

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