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An expert in purchasing materials, management and logistics, Shirley Leevy currently excels as the operation manager for the Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach nonprofit since 2018. With the Sisters Mission outreach, she oversees two warehouses, instructs a team of three truck drivers and schedules pickups from 93 hospitals throughout the Midwest. Prior to this appointment, she flourished as the global inventory logistics manager for T/CCI Manufacturing, LLC, from 2013 to 2018. As global manager, the organization has several locations throughout the world with a plant in China, a warehouse in Barcelona, a mini plant in Ireland, a company on Germany, a startup plant in Argentina and a U.S. based plant. Ms. Leevy is responsible for the inventory at those locations, as well as managing direct reports, a shipping clerk and two fork truck drivers.

Throughout Ms. Leevy’s career, being a woman was a constant challenge that she faced. She was constantly tasked with have to prove herself. She recognizes that there are still work place indifferences between men and women with pay and treatment. However, she is proud to have observed workplace discrimination reverse in the many years she has worked. A graduate of Millikin University, Ms. Leevy earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1986. She later secured a Master of Business Administration from the institution in 2005. She is certified by the North American Free Trade Agreement and is pursuing a certification in logistics, transportation and distribution. She attributes her success to the fact that growing up, she was taught work hard. She realized early on that nothing comes free and that one must work their way to success. This motto contributes to her strong work ethic.

In an effort to remain abreast of developments in the field, Ms. Leevy maintains a professional relationship with the Association for Supply Chain Managers. Outside of her primary endeavors, she acts as a coach for skeet and trap shooting team for local youth between five years of age and college students. For her accomplishments in the sport, the National Skeet Shooting Association presented Ms. Leevy the High Average Award for shooting over 2,000 shots in one gauge. Additionally, her teams have been recognized as a state, regional and national champions.

Ms. Leevy is proud to have had three of her students go in to the military and three get full scholarships for shooting at universities. As a coach, she writes grants to help get shooting material to help lower the cost of their program and she has been successful at getting grants, as well as having companies sponsor components necessary for the sports. In the coming years, Ms. Leevy would like to be working for a growing company in their logistics or supply chain department. She aims to assist in their growth and helping them achieve new. She desires to be with a company who values all their employees.


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