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Sherrill L. Kilpatrick was born to be a teacher. Her mother told her that when she was 2 years old and her brother was a baby, she would frequently find her in the crib, attempting to teach him whatever she had just learned. Ms. Kilpatrick has carried that enthusiasm for sharing knowledge throughout her life. She thinks she got it from her great-grandmother, who was a teacher. Ms. Kilpatrick has fond memories of sitting at her feet and learning to read.

Now, Ms. Kilpatrick is celebrating 38 years as teacher at Converse County School District #1 in Wyoming. She considers her tenure at the school to be her crowning achievement. She knows the students and their families inside and out. She’s watched them grow, and has been there for both their hardships and their triumphs. She hopes to be remembered for always having their backs, no matter what.

Ms. Kilpatrick’s own academic journey includes a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education from the University of Sioux Falls and a Master of Education from Lesley University. She also garnered hands-on experience as a teacher at Keith County Schools and as a pre-school teacher at the First Christian Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Later on, in 2014, she became a board certified teacher in professional teaching standards in the state of Wyoming.

Outside the classroom, Ms. Kilpatrick has served as a Sunday school teacher at the Trinity Baptist Church in Douglas, Wyoming, since 1983. She is also a church pianist for the institution. Her hobbies include quilting, photography, teaching piano lessons and scrapbooking.

In recognition of her efforts, she was honored with the Peabody Energy Leaders in Education Award. Her achievements were notably featured in the 60th and 61st editions of Who’s Who in America.

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