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Sharon Byrd

Possessing commercial and residential expertise, Sharon F. Byrd is a celebrated and trusted real estate broker in North Carolina at her company, Diversity One Realty, where she independently and meticulously manages all aspects of her role, from gathering information to showcasing properties. She has received real estate awards for her commitment to her clients and her consistently impressive production, including selling 40 houses in one year. Ms. Byrd’s professional prowess has been featured in the media, notably in the industry-coveted Top Agent Magazine by Feature Publications GA, Inc. Additionally, in 2021, she was honored with the Seven Star Award Broker Agent Advisor Certificate of Excellence for “having demonstrated every quality characteristic of a superior real estate professional,” according to the executive publisher and awards director.

Ms. Byrd is best known for outstanding client service and advocacy. Diversity One Realty is aptly named, as she serves mostly clients from countries outside of the U.S. and many of whom face language barriers along with unfamiliarity with this country’s real estate process. Recognizing these potential vulnerabilities, Ms. Byrd steps in as far more than a realtor. She’s akin to a guardian, caretaker, protector, and family member who ensures that clients understand, in their first language, every aspect of buying a home. Paramount to Ms. Byrd is her belief in the universal importance of honesty, integrity, and transparency, regardless of one’s nationality or background. She emphasizes, for herself and her team, that in a world where money and fame often overshadow moral values, it is essential to stay true to oneself and uphold honorable principles—a characteristic engrained from her own upbringing.

Further, while acknowledging the practical necessity of money for meeting life’s obligations, Ms. Byrd firmly balances this fact with fairness. She also believes in the concept of karma, understanding that the consequences of one’s actions may not only affect the individual but can ripple through future generations. As such, she exemplifies the timeless ethical conduct and responsibility that, she says, transcends cultural and geographical boundaries. This philosophy and approach have greatly contributed to Ms. Byrd’s success, even if it sometimes means sacrificing her commission—setting her apart as a beacon in the real estate industry. For this, she is perpetually rewarded by no longer needing to list or advertise her services and by receiving an abundance of referrals, necessitating the expansion of her team to accommodate the growing demand for her expertise.

Ms. Byrd’s real estate journey began when a dear friend told her that her personality was perfect for the profession. To this day, she is very grateful to her friend, who has since passed away from cancer. Ms. Byrd’s current career also was sparked during a previous job working in a mortgage department, where she says she experienced firsthand the disconnect between compensation and appreciation in the corporate culture, particularly in the back-end operations. This realization prompted her to seek a career change that allowed her to pay her bills while positively impacting other people’s lives. Prior to starting Diversity One Realty in 2018, Ms. Byrd held key business and banking positions at MedCost LLC and Bank of America Corporation in addition to owning and operating the small business Magical Party Supplies, working in the insurance department at Baptist Hospital, and owning K&A Technologies. Educationally, she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration and later became certified in medical billing and coding for her insurance stint at the hospital.

Looking forward, Ms. Byrd plans to continue her successful trajectory with Diversity One Realty while expanding and refining her business operations in ways that give her more personal time for rest and rejuvenation. Moreover, she plans to foster growth and development in young, aspiring realtors, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing excellent service before monetary gain. By sharing her values and experiences, Ms. Byrd aims to create a supportive environment where clients and colleagues thrive.

The mother of daughters Krystal and Amy, who are blazing their own fruitful career paths, Ms. Byrd was born in Guyana, South America, to parents who hailed from a richly diverse family background that reflects a blend of cultural and professional influences. Her mother, who is Muslim, has been the strength and support of her family, with her dedication to hard work, has made the greatest impact on her life. Her father, who is Hindu, worked tirelessly until his passing at age 91, instilling in her a strong work ethic. Today, to balance her life and give back, Ms. Byrd volunteers at a women’s shelter and a cancer center at a local children’s hospital. She also enjoys listening to music and dancing.


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