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Sarah Walker

Drawing upon more than five decades of expertise in banking, entrepreneurship, and academia, Sarah K. Walker is a distinguished name in her industries. Following diverse career paths, she has excelled as a realtor for Elite Realty since 2004, a beauty consultant for Avon since 2008, and the owner of Sahara Creations since 2020. Ms. Walker’s impressive skillset is further exemplified by her previous roles with numerous banking institutions such as Zions Bancorporation, where she served in their Las Vegas office from 1998 to 2003. Earlier in her career, she was the assistant vice president and a trust officer with Wells Fargo from 1972 to 1998. She then commenced at a private banking center, excelling as the regional manager and vice president for many years.

Ms. Walker received her real estate license in 2004, shortly before starting her journey in that industry’s market. Focused on residential real estate, she has leveraged her aptitude for communication and astute sense of responsibility to propel her forward in her career. Likewise, as the owner of her creative arts business, she thrives in helping others. During the beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Ms. Walker completed a course in jewelry and wire wrapping. This class laid the foundation for Sahara Creations, where she masterfully creates and sells her intricate artwork and jewelry.

To supplement her career experience, Ms. Walker gained extensive education. Between 1992 and 1994, she completed pertinent coursework in trust administration, personal trust, probate, and guardianship at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. After many years in the field, she returned to higher education and obtained an associate degree in banking and financial support services, graduating from the College of Southern Nevada in 1998. In line with her values, she previously served as an adjunct professor at the American Institute of Banking for 16 years between 2003 and 2019.

Ms. Walker has been as dedicated civically to her community, serving as a testament to her strong emphasis on local aid and charitable endeavors. She is the membership chairperson for Soroptimist of America, having also excelled as the president of Las Vegas Valley since 2002. Furthermore, she is a member of the City Mission of Las Vegas, a nonprofit initiative that aims to improve the lives of young girls and women through economic and social development. Ms. Walker was also a board member of the Nevada region for six fruitful years. Moreover, she is the president of Break These Chains Live Free and a former member of Toastmasters International.

Having overcome much adversity and hardship in life, Ms. Walker has taken to writing to express not only her personal experiences but also her proficiency in subject areas such as finance and travel. In 1983, she authored “I Survived,” a book that details her true account of surviving a plane crash in the desert. In addition, her book “I’ll Keep an Eye Out for You” is critically acclaimed, as it tells the story of how to survive and thrive with an artificial eye as well as how to live a life free from bullying and remain steadfast to one’s values. Concerning her professional ambitions, Ms. Walker also penned “How to Travel with a Senior Citizen to Maintain Their Dignity.”

Ms. Walker attributes much of her success to her tenacity and positive attitude, qualities that have afforded her opportunities to excel in all her prospects. In the coming years, she desires to experience the continued growth of her career and focus her attention on probate work. The mother of one daughter with one step-granddaughter and one step-great-granddaughter, Ms. Walker enjoys writing in her leisure time. She currently resides in Las Vegas.


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