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Sapphire Sasha Wickham began her professional journey by earning a bachelor’s degree in communications, magna cum laude, from Pace University in 2013. First working for UnitedHealthcare Services, Inc., she made the transition to education to better help her son, Kardel, since she felt she wasn’t getting the information she needed from her son’s school in order to assist him in the learning process. Returning to school, Ms. Wickham obtained a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from Full Sail University in 2017 and subsequently received her certification as a teacher from the Florida Department of Education in Tallahassee, something she cites as the highlight of her career thus far.

Since then, Ms. Wickham has taught second grade at the North Broward Academy of Excellence. With her expertise in reading and language arts, she teaches English, language arts, math and sometimes science and social studies as well. She is also responsible for creating lesson plans and has regular meetings with her team members, fellow teachers and school administrators. Alongside her career as a teacher, Ms. Wickham is an accomplished author, having recently written a television pilot script that placed in a screenwriting contest in July 2022. As she looks toward the future, she hopes to see herself do more writing for television and film and publish the young adult novel she is currently outlining.

Attributing much of her success to the support of her mother, Karen Walker, Ms. Wickham has made a name for herself for her ambition, drive to explore and desire to give back to others. She always strives to do more and help those around her achieve freedom, whatever that means for any given individual. To that end, she is active as a volunteer for a variety of endeavors through the North Broward Academy of Excellence. When she isn’t working, Ms. Wickham enjoys reading, shopping, exercising, and catching up on her favorite television shows and movies.


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