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Rhonda Thompson

Driven by the mantra, “You have the power within you to master your power,” Rhonda Harris Thompson, PhD, is a leading force in the field of psychology, leveraging her advanced skill set to empower women in corporate circles. Recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award in 2023, Dr. Thompson is a highly sought-after speaker, self-mastery coach, and the chief executive officer and founder of Harris-Thompson Masteries LLC. She is propelled by her mission to provide women with ample opportunities to achieve personal excellence. Founding her company in 2020, Dr. Thompson has since sat at its helm, guiding individuals toward productive relationships, self-awareness, and mental clarity.

Notably, Dr. Thompson has lent her breadth of knowledge to workshops, course development and public speaking venues during the past decade, utilizing her experience as a military intelligence officer in the United States Army to widen the scope of her reach and deepen her interpersonal connections with diverse populations. In this regard, Dr. Thompson has designed her comprehensive Self-Mastery Toolkit to help women in their professional roles as well as hosted a podcast. She is in the midst of writing and publishing a book on her techniques, tentatively titled “Mastering Your Power.”

To prepare for her career, Dr. Thompson pursued formal education at Tuskegee University, where she received a Bachelor of Science in medical technology in 1998. She went on to earn a Master of Science in counseling psychology in 2009 and a Doctor of Philosophy in general psychology in 2017, both from Capella University. Outside of her primary functions, Dr. Thompson has excelled as an adjunct professor of psychology at Alabama A&M University since 2018.

For her success, she credits her determination and resilience in the face of struggles and the positive support and encouragement from her family. In the future, Dr. Thompson aims to expand her brand, continue serving as a positive role model, and write more books. She also intends to transform her coaching program into a virtual course and offer it in academic institutions, which will make it accessible to a broader audience. Moreover, Dr. Thompson hopes to establish connections with colleges and universities to provide them with the necessary resources to help students achieve their goals.


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