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Ana Pinnel

Patricia Pinnel, PhD, is a director and regional partner at Penrhyn Voyer, a leading executive search consultancy that provides full search, evaluation and hiring services for clients. Founded in 1979, they have 45 offices around the world, providing services on five continents. An expert in corporate strategy and talent management, Dr. Pinnel focuses her attention on executive search in pharmaceutical, finance, hospitality, energy and information technology. Believing that managing talent is something that is challenging, yet also a responsibility that can drive organizations to success or bankruptcy, she is committed to executive maintenance and adding real value to both businesses as well as people.

Earning a Doctor of Philosophy in political science at the University of Belgrano in 2009, Dr. Pinnel holds a number of certifications including in brain dominance management, communication strategy for political campaigns, strategic human resource management, strategic management of consulting firms and in leading people for quality results. Prior to her work at Penrhyn Voyer, she founded her firm, IDENTIDAD & IMAGEN Consulting, which later was acquired by Aon and became AON IDENTIDAD & IMAGEN Consulting, serving Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia.

Dr. Pinnel served as an expert in strategic communication, marketing and reputation, which was what led her to found her company. She has several academic certifications besides her PhD, including a Bachelor of Business Administration and an administrative accountant technical degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina and an advertisement technical degree, among others.

The author of several books, including “A Trilogy: Educacion y Trabajo UADE Collection,” a book about politics and wellbeing, Dr. Pinnel has also served as a technical translator for the first Spanish edition of “Strategy for Competitive Leadership” and has published numerous articles on management in international newspapers and magazines. She has also served as a host and management expert for “Mission Ossible,”a TV show that was broadcasted in Latin American during more than 10 years.

Throughout Dr. Pinnel’s career, some of her greatest achievements have included having the Argentine government and Ministry of Education create a secretary for labor and education after seeing the Educacion y Trabajo Foundation community work. The government later declared it of national interest by the National Congress of Argentina in 1994. The Argentina Ministry of Education also recognized it as the “Godmother” of the national project and the organization had as “President of Honor” former ministers of education. Her work at the firm also earned her two Gold Quill Awards from the International Association of Business Communicators in 1994 and 1995 for fulfilling and overcoming consulting goals. Dr. Pinnel received the Year Award from the American Chamber of Commerce in Argentina in 2000 and several international awards from other organizations as well.

As community service for the Third Sector, she is serving on the a advisory board for the Harvard Business Review Council, and also as a board member for the Argentina chapter of the World Civic Parliament Council, co-founder of the Argentina and Bolivia chapters of the Educacion y Trabacjo Foundation, and the Argentina chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, among other roles. Dr. Pinnel is also a member of the National Association of Professional Women, the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires and is an entrepreneurship adviser committee member of the INICIA Foundation.

A mother of one child and grandmother of two grandchildren, Dr. Pinnel received an honorary doctorate from the Transacademia – Instituto Universal de las Naciones in 2013. Enjoying writing poetry in her free time, she also loves being active by diving, skiing, biking and going horseback riding. Notably, Dr. Pinnel’s poetry has landed her several national and international awards, and she has also since authored three poetry books.


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