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Celebrating more than five decades of professional excellence, Patricia E. Muir continues to thrive as a professional association administrator. She is currently lending her knowledge to her peers as a consultant and as a reading educator on the Social Justice Committee of the St. Andrews Church. In the past, Ms. Muir has garnered experience as a reading tutor at Fairview Elementary School, an office manager at the Federal Documents Clearing House, an assistant at the Independent Telephone Pioneer Association, and a traffic manager at the American Storage Company. She has also held numerous positions with the American Library Association; between 1977 and 1998, she served as the staff liaison of the Government Documents Round Table, the Armed Forces Library Round Table, and the Federal Library Round Table, and as an administrative assistant.

Ms. Muir considers the highlight of her career to be traveling to various conferences. She really appreciated the opportunity to meet and interact with people in her field. Her favorite destination was Hawaii, although she also loved New Orleans, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. Other ways Ms. Muir connected with her peers include contributing to The Independent Pioneer, volunteering with the St. Peter’s Inter Parish School Reading Program, and acting as the president and vice president of the Friendship House Child Development Center. Further, she completed coursework at the Washington School for Secretaries and The George Washington University and earned a diploma from Our Lady of Victory College.

When Ms. Muir isn’t working, she enjoys traveling, reading, writing, genealogy, and collecting dolls, books, and antiques. She was inspired to collect by her grandmother, who could look at a barrel of junk and find a gem. Ms. Muir has more than 200 dolls in her collection that range from antique to modern. She is scheduled to give a talk with the Waynesborough Historical Society on dolls.

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