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Odalys Marino

Coming of age in the midst of poverty, Odalys Marino relocated to the United States from Cuba in order to pursue a better life for herself and her children. After earning a Master of Arts in economics from the National University of Cuba, she arrived in the United States and worked in a variety of different settings, including a medical office, beauty salon, cleaning company and in accounting for a national bank, where she remained for nearly a decade and a half. During this time, Ms. Marino retained a love of sewing and designing clothes that she learned from her mother.

Eventually, Ms. Marino’s considerable hard work and unwavering drive allowed her to foster her true dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Presently, she continue to uphold the lessons of her mother, who taught her by incorporating the type of materials she used in Cuba into her own work, which ranges from classic and timeless garments to the most haute couture looks. Additionally, Ms. Marino honors her mother through her boutique, Nory’s Fashion Boutique, in Tampa, Florida.

In the spring of 2019, all of Ms. Marino’s accomplishments bore further fruit when she was invited as a featured designer at New York Fashion Week, where she introduced her Grecian-inspired Olympus Collection. Dedicated to inclusivity, she featured 20 models, including a transgender model and a plus-size model. In previous years, Ms. Marino designed unique garments via the decadent and royal Oh Lala Collection, the formal, soft and fashion-forward Elegance Collection, and her distinctive bridal collection.

Ms. Marino always loved designing and it has always been her dream. Her mother taught her all that she knows. She met with her clients and found out about them, and designed accordingly to their desires and needs. Her mother passed away at a very young age. She taught her that money is not everything; being creative and having knowledge is key. Her favorite part is making, creating and designing. Sometimes, when she is putting things together on a mannequin, she finds herself designing something different than what she has sketched. Another memorable moment for Ms. Marino was her runway show in Paris; it was something she never imagined could happen. There were two magazine reporters waiting to interview her. She has dressed many celebrities/celebrity couples, as well as regular women. Additionally, she was recognized as one of the 100 Successful Women in America. She wants to be remembered for her passion, working hard, being honest and trusting her dream.

Apart from her design work, Ms. Marino contributes to various Cuban support groups and donates her dresses to women that cannot afford it. Through her work, she enjoys making dreams become a reality. A member of Fashion Group International, she has been recognized numerous times, earning Designer of the Year Awards in London, Paris and Monte Carlo, Monaco, and the Laukas Award in London in 2019. Looking toward the future, Ms. Marino aspires to open a new location of her boutique and work with a boutique in London that will exclusively feature her clothing.


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