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Nancy Nystrom

Diversified in several career paths – including in nonprofit management, the creative arts, music, and real estate – Nancy Nystrom has been the founder and general director of the Casa Hogar Los Angelitos Children’s Home in Manzanillo, Mexico, since 1996. Fostering an abiding passion from a formative age for helping children in Mexico, particularly the underprivileged population, she endeavored to open a full-time children’s home. Ms. Nystrom explains that although the Mexican government forbade the establishment of such an organization at the time, as it was not church- or government-owned, she persevered, fueled by her conviction that she was called to help children. She eventually found the means to open her children’s home in 1996.

Notably, Casa Hogar Los Angelitos Children’s Home is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping at-risk youth. As part of her daily responsibilities, Ms. Nystrom engages in raising funds for the organization; writing reports, projections, proposals, and newsletters; monitoring the day-to-day operations of the business; resolving crucial issues that may arise; and spending time with all the children. In addition, she specializes in educational and mental health services for children from impoverished backgrounds and coordinates fundraising efforts. Likewise, Ms. Nystrom has been the founder of The Children’s Foundation Inc. in Fulshear, Texas, since 1994 and previously served in her community as a real estate agent and the owner of an art gallery and a music conservatory.

Ms. Nystrom possesses an extensive musical background in piano performance, and her early experiences in music have benefited her nonprofit organization’s formative art programs. A prolific writer as well, she first authored the book “Each Day a Portion” in 2012, which recounted the events in her life that led to her nonprofit work. In 2020, she penned the book “I See You!” sharing the stories of children whom she helped, and in 2023, she authored the book “Cries of the Heart: A Man After God’s Own Heart,” a reference to King David of the Bible’s Old Testament. All her autobiographical books have been published through The Children’s Foundation Inc.

In her spare time, Ms. Nystrom has served as a member of the Rotary Club of Manzanillo, which bestowed upon her an accolade for her innovative work, and she has been a frequent guest speaker at events for organizations such as Rotary International and community churches. A member of the Lifespring Covenant Church in Loveland, Colorado, Ms. Nystrom was also an organizer of a ballet folkloric presentation that began in 2003, which improved the self-esteem and academic performance of the children in her program. Impressively, they conducted their first international ballet tour in 2009, becoming an international annual event.

Ms. Nystrom notes that providing at-risk youth with the tools to succeed and opportunities to flourish is an essential process, and she has derived much satisfaction and fulfillment from helping the children in her program. In this regard, she says that Casa Hogar Los Angelitos Children’s Home provides children with an atmosphere of unconditional love, and she is humbled by the success of its programs and initiatives. In accounting for her success, Ms. Nystrom credits the support of her daughter-in-law, who has been helping Ms. Nystrom with her philanthropic aspirations since she was 19 years old. Although she has experienced numerous career achievements, she is particularly gratified by the success of the children who have attended the children’s home and flourished when entering their adult lives. Ms. Nystrom is exceptionally proud of helping the children break the cycle of poverty, abuse, and suffering, which has made all the time, money, and effort she has allocated to the organization worthwhile. For her commitment, she was recognized with the Most Altruistic Work Award from Dr. Simi, Mexico’s largest pharmacy chain, in 2009.

Living and working by the Biblical passage found in Micah 6:8, “Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly,” Ms. Nystrom plans to continue supporting Casa Hogar Los Angelitos Children’s Home to advance the education and lives of the children she serves. She would also like to find an individual to continue her legacy with the nonprofit organization when she decides to retire, accruing more financial benefactors to expand the reach of the organization and helping as many children as possible.


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