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Najat Badriyeh

Leading a staff of about 95 people, Najat El-Ayi Badriyeh became involved in her profession because she has passion for the electronics industry. She grew up with the goal in her head that she was going to start her own business. As she grew up, she found herself surrounded by electronics. She was working with a company that she knew was going to be sold, so she stepped in and took it over herself. What inspired Ms. Badriyeh along her professional journey was her passion for what she is doing in the industry.

Since 1995, Ms. Badriyeh has served as the CEO and president of Naprotek, Inc., located in the heart of the Silicon Valley. The company stands out as an EMS industry leader through its ability to manufacture leading-edge products generated by the most creative minds in the world. From quick-turn prototypes to low-to-medium volume PCBAs and box build, they provide engineering and manufacturing support for the most demanding applications. Throughout this process, they focus on delivering outstanding customer value through direct support from its experienced, program management team.

The achievement that Ms. Badriyeh is proudest of is all of the positions that she took because they all had successful stories. However, she would say that the first position that she took was proven successful to her because of her abilities and capabilities. It was a major period of time for her. Outside of her primary trade, Ms. Badriyeh has maintained involvement with the CEOs of Silicon Valley.

A memorable time that Ms. Badriyeh will never forget would probably be with the switch in technology with the introduction of home computers. The 1980s was when she primarily built her knowledge. She participated in that process. The first Mac computer was built with the company that she was working with. Ms. Badriyeh was involved with the detail, the training of the employees, and working with suppliers on tools and equipment. At that time, there was not much material around to work with on the computer. She had major involvement of the tools during this time.

In honor of all of her accomplishments, Ms. Badriyeh has been named among the Top 500 Fastest Growing Women in the United States and the Top 100 in California, with her company listed among the Top 10 Fastest Growing Businesses in Silicon Valley. In 2018, she was given the Founder of the Week Award and named CEO of the Year by Today USA Magazine and Acquisition International. Likewise, Ms. Badriyeh is a recipient of the Excellence Award.

Ms. Badriyeh attributes her success to strong leadership and being an understanding human. She cares a lot and is very giving. She also gives credit to her father, who served as a huge role model for her. What separates her is her company’s ethical diversity and atmosphere; it is a family kind of business and she knows everyone’s names. In addition, Ms. Badriyeh is lucky in her career for being able to work with owners of other companies. Her mentors were the owners of those businesses, from whom she learned the operations of the business itself.


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