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Nabila Badawy

Nabila R. Badawy spent more than two fulfilling decades working at Glovia International, where she concluded her remarkable career in the role of manager of custom software development after surviving multiple company transition periods and acquisitions. The company was originally Xerox Computer Services, and she remained loyal to the organization until her retirement.

Ms. Badawy directly attributes her professional success to her grit and determination in the face of challenges and obstacles. She relished the opportunity to overcome difficult situations and maintained an insatiable appetite for learning and professional development, which remains intact today. Never afraid to expand her horizons and test her limits, she found consistent success even when handling new and unfamiliar problems – a personal and professional characteristic that makes her both proud and humble.

Among her most notable accomplishments, Ms. Badawy led an effort in her native country of Egypt to preserve industrial and strategic documents in microfilm. She took on this role while working for a petroleum corporation, accepting a job with one of Egypt’s leading newspapers to accomplish this Herculean task. Despite not having access to electronic recordkeeping tools or computers, Ms. Badawy and her team created a logical system for storing and retrieving archived documents, which enabled the quick location and access of important information. Her efforts ensured that, even in the case of an extreme emergency, such as a bombing or attack on the country’s major industries, documents could be retrieved, and Egypt could rebuild. Ms. Badawy’s contributions were invaluable to the security of her country’s vital industries.

Ms. Badawy prepared for her career at Cairo University, in Giza, Egypt, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. She has been a member of the Egyptian American Organization as well as an Egyptian engineering association. Going on to achieve her master’s degree, she immigrated to the United States in 1977 to launch her career. Since her retirement, Ms. Badawy has been exploring new places through her love for travel. She also enjoys reading in her spare time.


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