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Mindy Schrager

When Mindy R. Schrager first started her journey through the business world, she never anticipated how far it would take her. She entered the field because it enabled her to utilize her passion for puzzles and patterns, but after years of leadership experience with giants such as Motorola, Fidelity Investments and IBM, she began to refine her focus. Ms. Schrager found that she particularly enjoyed the human side of business, especially working with people and companies to foster positive changes within themselves, and wanted to explore related opportunities. She came to believe that the best use of her unique combination of knowledge, skills and background experiences was as a transformational facilitator and coach, and thus Systems of Change, LLC, was born.

Now thriving as the founder and change facilitator of the consultancy, Ms. Schrager dedicates her time to helping individuals and companies identify and solve the systemic problems that stand in the way of their goals. She prides herself on being “a catalyst for change,” and believes that everyone has the capability to live a rich and expressive life full of personal and professional growth. Over the years, Ms. Schrager’s methods have resulted in increased teamwork, confidence, diversity and healing, and have been lauded for their effectiveness and excellence.

Ms. Schrager believes persistence and continued development are big keys to personal and professional success, which is why she has remained committed to continuing education over the years. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from Dickinson College in 1979 and an MBA from Babson College in 1981 to further her growth as a corporate manager, and, upon her decision to change her career, she enhanced her academic resume with a number of related certifications. Ms. Schrager is now a certified Aura-Soma Practitioner, courage coach, spiritual divorce coach, Blueprint coach, Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator facilitator, and NLP master health practitioner and coach. Most recently, in 2008, she obtained an integrative coaching certificate from the Ford Institute at John F. Kennedy University. As a testament to her hard work and dedication, Ms. Schrager was honored with inclusion in numerous editions of Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, Who’s Who in the East, Who’s Who in the South and Southwest, Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who of American Women, and Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders in America.

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