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With expertise in public health, patient advocacy, and respiratory care, Maxine Greene – who holds a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree – excels as the respiratory manager with RML Specialty Hospital. She has served in this role for more than 20 years. RML Specialty Hospital provides long-term, acute care and supports patients with complex needs. Dr. Greene is driven by her aspiration to bring positive change to the public health system. She expresses deep concern for the poor treatment that immigrants often receive, as they lack facilities and receive care in tents. To Dr. Greene, welcoming immigrants into the country requires treating them with dignity and providing them with proper health care.

Among her professional achievements, Dr. Greene is notably proud of earning her DrPH, which she obtained in December 2023 after a long and challenging journey. In 2020, while pursuing her degree, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and considered giving up her studies. Moved by an inner voice that encouraged her to press forward, Dr. Greene refused to quit. Now, she is proud to be a graduate and an ovarian cancer survivor. She began her higher education at the Illinois Institute of Art, where she received a Bachelor of Arts. Later, studying at The Ohio State University, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science before matriculating at Grand Canyon University, from which she graduated with a Master of Public Health. In addition to these degrees, she is a certified asthma coordinator and holds a respiratory degree from Malcolm X College in Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Greene is a member of the American Public Health Association and the American Association for Respiratory Care. Outside of her field, she is a member of the Kappa Gamma Sigma Sorority Inc., and she remains affiliated with the Salem Baptist Church of Chicago. In 2021, Dr. Greene published her book “Miles Away.” Her beloved, late husband was her biggest supporter. In addition to his encouragement, Dr. Greene believes that the success she has enjoyed in all her endeavors is the result of her faith and the sacrifices her parents made. Trusting in God to provide for her, she is grateful for her parents’ hard work raising eight children and ensuring that they received a quality education.


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