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Mary Kotch

A savvy businesswoman with an innate intuition in regards to business technology, Mary Kotch was inspired to enter the business world so that she could streamline services through the use of technology. Prior to pursuing higher education, she helped her father’s small car service shop by developing a simple database to collect information and keep track of important tasks. Throughout her studies, she fell in love with technology and began her career as a senior principal consultant for EDS from 1993 to 2000. Subsequently, she worked for Campbell Soup and BioVail Pharmaceuticals as the global director. With her keen instincts, Ms. Kotch transformed businesses and corporations around the world by way of her innate technological skills.

After her marriage, Ms. Kotch wanted to lessen her travels and work in corporate America, serving as the vice president of technology for MetLife Investments from 2007 to 2012, and the chief technology officer and the chief information officer of the Latin America section of the American International Group between 2012 and 2015. Notably, she was the first woman in the American International Group to hold that title. Subsequently, Ms. Kotch gained valuable industry experience as the global executive vice president and the global chief information officer of the Validus Group/American International Group for four years.

In 2019, Ms. Kotch found success with Apollo/Aspen Insurance as the global chief information officer, where she remains to this day. Over the years, she has also provided her considerable knowledge to students at the Pennsylvania State University, Muhlenberg College and Lehigh Carbon Community College. Ms. Kotch was further active as a board member of such organizations as Pillar Tech, RequirementOne and Aquiline Technology Investment Fund.

In insurance, they have technology teams who manage everything from their data centers, all their business applications and anything that runs inside of a corporate company. At Ms. Kotch’s company, as an example, they manage 350 business applications and 15,000 different devices connected to their network. Anything that runs in the office, including all the data centers, the networks and security, is under her responsibility.

Before obtaining her inaugural role with EDS, Ms. Kotch earned a Bachelor of Science from the Pennsylvania State University in 1992. Three years later, she obtained a Master of Laws from Temple University. During her spare time, Ms. Kotch contributes to Datacubes, Inc., as a board member.

In previous years, Ms. Kotch has provided her wealth of knowledge to Dress for Success, Girls Who Code and Smartinsure. Due to her knowledge of the field, she was featured in Waters Technology Magazine and Executive Profile Magazine. Additionally, she was honored for excellence with the Diversity & Inclusion Award from American International Group, as one of the Top 50 Women in Technology and as one of the 30 Most Influential Women in Business. Looking toward the future, she hopes to serve in more board positions at a corporate level in order to assist them with their technology plans and hiring the right talent. Ms. Kotch also aims to become a prominent voice for future generations of women in technology.

Ms. Kotch attributes a lot of her success to her mother. Her mother initially thought that she would become a nurse, but she had plans of her own. When her mother found out about her passion for technology, she offered encouragement and support for her decision. Ms. Kotch is the proud mother of two wonderful children, a daughter and a son, the former of whom she enjoys going Jeep riding and mudding with. She has also been known to enjoy coaching soccer, mountain biking and participating in Spartan Races in her spare time.


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