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Mary Anne Knolle

Dr. Mary Anne Ericson Knolle has 34 years of experience doing individual, marriage and family therapy, executive and business consulting, mediation, business succession planning, and collaborative divorce with two attorneys and one financial planner.

She has four university degrees — a master’s in psychology from Houston Baptist University and a PhD in psychology from Summit University. Her bachelor’s in communication is from the University of North Texas, and her master’s in communication is from the University of Texas at Austin. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a licensed professional counselor. She is also a mediator.

She has 15 copyrights, including the ones below. Medical doctors, attorneys, other therapists, and financial planners use her copyrighted material as they share clients and patients with her. How?

1. Personality Strengths Assessments (PSAs)©. The client’s PSA© ranks a client’s personality strengths 1-32. She learns where she is at 1% – 100% of Americans in each of the 32 personality strengths. For example, she may be higher than 90% of people in the U.S. in Dominance and 95% in Achievement. The client selects a goal — then uses her personality strengths to reach this goal. A workbook shows her how to best use her personality traits. www.best-personality-test.com.

2. The SORT Test©. This is the only test that tells an investor what percent he wants to invest in High, Medium, and Low Risk in Normal and Stress Conditions. For example, the investor might want to invest 50% in High Risk in Normal Conditions; however, when he is in Stress Conditions he wishes he had 10% in High Risk. An investor alone or with a financial planner can learn what percent he wants in High, Medium and Low Risk. www.TheSORTTest.com.

3. If You Can’t Take the Heat Turn Down the Fire©: The client learns where he is at 1% – 100% of Americans in 35 Triggers to Stress. His physician, family, friends, and therapist use this information to see what stresses him and plan how to cut stress.

4. Co-Parenting Coalition©. Divorcing parents use these tools to help them co-parent.   

5. The Medical Psychological and Legal Society (MPALS) Charter and Handbook©. Medical doctors, psychologists, attorneys, clergy, and financial planners can have the same client.

How can I use this information?

Anyone can save time and money and achieve goals faster than without this knowledge. 1. His PSA© tells his highest coping strategies, temperament strengths, and values. He can ask, “What professions reward these personality strengths?” and “How can I apply my personality strengths to get a promotion and raise at work?” 2. His SORT Test© tells his High, Medium, and Low Risk Tolerance not just for investments but also for any course of action he considers. 3. His stress scale alerts him which stresses most need to be cut. 4. The co-parenting information works, too, for married parents in a conflict. 5. The MPALS Handbook© gives examples of how professionals have conferred to help clients/patients better than they could have one-on-one.

Dr. Knolle can be reached at 1maknolle@gmail.com.  Anyone can take a Personality Strengths Assessment (PSA)© or SORT Test© on the websites above.


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