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Margaret “Maggie” Stedt is an entrepreneur, insurance expert, and the owner of Stedt Insurance Services, an independent insurance broker specializing in health care and life insurance policies. Established in 2004, Stedt Insurance Services is the culmination of more than four decades of industry expertise, offering consulting and sales to clients in need of specialized individual and business solutions. The company focuses on Medicare supplement and Medicare gap policies in addition to affordable, comprehensive health plans and offers a full suite of term life insurance and accident policies. Ms. Stedt is passionate about helping to demystify the insurance industry to her clients and empowering them to plan for their futures and reach their personal and professional goals by accessing the security that insurance can provide.

Ms. Stedt started her career journey as a student at California State University, San Bernardino, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in social sciences. After marrying her husband, Ms. Stedt sought out a career path that would allow her to continue to earn and advance while having more time to support her family and home. She eventually decided to pursue a career in the insurance industry over the possibility of working in real estate sales and began as a junior agent with Equitable Insurance. She recalls her time with Equitable as a period of intense and thorough training that left her equipped to grow in a variety of settings. After several years, Ms. Stedt left Equitable Insurance to accept a position with Pacific Mutual.

Ms. Stedt continued to grow professionally, eventually rising to executive leadership positions, and between 1998 and 2003, she excelled as the director of PacifiCare Health Systems. She is a licensed insurance broker in 12 states and earned the distinction of certified senior adviser in the 1990s. In addition to her work as a broker, consultant, and the owner of Stedt Insurance Services, Ms. Stedt is the founder of National Medicare Summits and the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) Senior Summit, an annual conference and workshop designed to help insurance professionals develop competencies in Medicare supplemental insurance and policies for seniors. Partnering with more than a dozen major insurance companies and other industry powerhouses and featuring high-profile keynote speakers and classes, the Senior Summit has become a trusted resource for those in the insurance field.

Throughout her career, Ms. Stedt has emerged as a figure of note in the larger insurance industry. She has contributed to professional publications, including California Broker Magazine and took over as editor in 2022. As a thought leader in insurance, she has held a variety of leadership roles in professional organizations, including terms as president and vice president of membership of the California Health Underwriters Association, president of the Orange County Health Underwriters Association, and four years as the National Association of Health Underwriters regional Medicare chair. She is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, including a NAHU Leading Producers Roundtable Lifetime Achievement Award and the Orange County Association of Health Underwriters 2019 Pinnacle Award. Furthermore, Ms. Stedt has been recognized several times for her outstanding efforts in boosting membership and promoting the California Association of Health Underwriters, including with a presidential citation.

Ms. Stedt credits her success to the support of those around her, including her husband and the professional mentors who have bolstered her development at every stage of her career. She considers the highlight of her career to have been watching the growth of Medicare policies and agents, and she is proud to have had a lasting impact on the development of her field. In her personal time, Ms. Stedt is an active member of her faith community, where she serves as a lay speaker and leader in addition to sitting on several administrative committees. She enjoys singing and baking and looks forward to continuing to serve her church and local community in the coming years.


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