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Linda Potts

Dr. Linda D. Potts became a registered nurse in 1979 upon obtaining a Bachelor of Science in nursing from Washington Adventist University. Gaining significant clinical expertise in emergency room and trauma nursing, she also spent time in various management positions throughout her years as a nurse and was a bodybuilder and personal trainer during this time as well. In 1998, while setting up for a Superbowl Sunday event, she experienced a health crisis that was the beginning of six years of battling a chronic illness. When her doctors couldn’t find an answer, Dr. Potts turned to alternative health practices and saw significant improvement.

Furthering her studies, Dr. Potts achieved a Master of Business Administration from Mount St. Mary’s University in 2000. She went on to establish the Healing Waters Wellness Center in 2004, where she focuses on providing holistic health care that combines traditional and alternative medical practices. Through consultations, she provides patients with different modalities of holistic healing that touch on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness, since each patient has unique needs regarding what will help them improve their health and get their lives back. In 2005, Dr. Potts earned a master’s degree in bioenergetics and also holds level one and level two certification in bioenergetics screening.

Continuing to learn throughout her career, Dr. Potts completed a doctorate in clinical religious counseling from Shepherd University in 2011 and achieved a Doctor of Naturopathy from the Trinity School of Natural Health and was certified as a natural health doctor in 2013. She is also certified in fingernail and tongue analysis through Dr. Chi. Alongside her primary endeavors, she has spent time as an adjunct professor at Kaplan University and regularly gives presentations both via Zoom and in person.  Furthermore, Dr. Potts continues to maintain her nursing license and keeps in touch with the American Holistic Nurses Association, where she was a member during her early career as a nurse.  

Dr. Potts considers her most significant professional achievement to be having founded the Healing Waters Wellness Center. She takes great pride in her ability to blend Western and Eastern styles of medicine and provide care that couples traditional health care with alternative practices. On occasion, she will even work in collaboration with her patients’ other doctors. Looking toward the future, she plans to continue growing and expanding the Healing Waters Wellness Center and create a program to teach other health care practitioners about holistic and alternative therapies. For her excellence, Dr. Potts has been presented with a number of honors and accolades, including the Rising Star Expert Award by Expert Positioning Formula and the 2014 Higher Achievement Award by the American Naturopathic Medical Association.

Outside of her primary endeavors, Dr. Potts has given back to her community through volunteering at her church, where she spent time as a parish nurse, and donating to several charities, including her local women’s shelter. She is also a strong believer that family comes first in everything and is deeply grateful for the support that her husband, Kevin Potts, has given her throughout her career. Today, her family has grown to include two children, a son, Jonathan, and a daughter, Emily, who is a veterinarian, and three stepchildren, Brook, Lindsey and Kaitlyn. In her free time, Dr. Potts enjoys gardening, hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, quilting and spending time with her husband.


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