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Linda Nguyen-Yattaw

Linda Nguyen-Yattaw is an entrepreneur and writer with several decades of expertise building and running businesses across industries. Born and raised in Vietnam, she completed an Associate of Arts in 1969 before immigrating to the United States, where she started her first business. Ms. Nguyen-Yattaw grew up in what she describes as “uncertain social and political circumstances,” an experience that shaped her goals and helped her develop the deep sense of compassion and empathy for others that has come to define her throughout her life and career.

For more than 15 years, Ms. Nguyen-Yattaw ran Linda Nguyen-Yattaw Family Child Care, a childcare center catering to parents and families in the Anaheim, California, area. Naturally outgoing and patient, she felt called to work with children for most of her life and dreamed of running a daycare or becoming a childcare provider. Deeply moved by her experiences of domestic abuse and seeing the effects of childhood poverty and neglect, Ms. Nguyen-Yattaw committed herself to protecting as many children as she could and providing the kind of safe and nurturing environment that would allow them to thrive. She struggled to pursue her professional dreams in Vietnam, finding her career options limited due to her circumstances, and opening Linda Nguyen-Yattaw Family Child Care became the realization of these closely held goals.

As a part of Ms. Nguyen-Yattaw’s dedication to create an ideal environment for children, Linda Nguyen-Yattaw Family Child Care featured indoor and outdoor play areas, a broad range of activities and projects, and high-quality, age-appropriate toys that encouraged healthy and creative exploration and supported each child’s social and emotional development. She developed strong relationships with the parents and families of the children in her care and took pride in being both a safe haven for children and someone that parents could rely on while they pursued their own goals. In addition to running Linda Nguyen-Yattaw Family Child Care, Ms. Nguyen-Yattaw is also active in supporting charity initiatives benefiting children and youth.

Outside her work in childcare, Ms. Nguyen-Yattaw found success as a consultant, and considers consulting to be an extension of her natural drive to help and support others. She is the former chief executive officer and co-founder of Linda Nguyen-Yattaw Network Consulting, a business that she established with her husband and spent more than 20 years running before her retirement. Ms. Nguyen-Yattaw later took her attention to detail and business experience into the legal field, spending several years as an independent paralegal consultant. She considers starting multiple businesses to be her most notable accomplishment, and attributes her lasting success to her empathy, communication skills, and her commitment to hard work regardless of the situation. Ms. Nguyen-Yattaw has been the recipient of several community awards recognizing her charitable outreach efforts as well as her impact on the local business community.

Currently, Ms. Nguyen-Yattaw is continuing to live her mission to encourage others to find their strength and fulfill their purpose through writing. She is the author of a memoir, “Woman With a Mission,” published under the name E.G. Lynn, and hopes to write another book in the upcoming years. Ms. Nguyen-Yattaw describes her philosophy as “loving people and loving herself,” and plans to continue her work in the community and with individuals as long as God permits and as long as she stays healthy.


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