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Linda Kozloff-Turner

Fascinated with jewelry since she was a young child, Linda Kozloff-Turner first earned a bachelor’s degree in jewelry and industrial product design from the Metropolitan State University of Denver in 1985. Attending the University of Colorado Boulder, she taught fine art photography as a part-time graduate instructor while studying toward her Master of Fine Arts in photography, which she earned in 1992. In 2002, she established Christine Marguerite Designs, where she remains active as the owner and lead designer. In addition to designing custom jewelry, Ms. Kozloff-Turner manages all aspects of production, including manufacturing and material sourcing, with an emphasis on utilizing local talent and only using ethically sourced supplies.

Ms. Kozloff-Turner, as an expert, has continued to further her skill in the field by seeking a graduate gemologist certification from the Gemological Institute of America. She currently holds additional certifications in diamonds and diamond grading, awarded in 2016, and has also been certified as a colored gemstones expert. Ms. Kozloff-Turner is currently completing coursework to be certified as an appraiser.

In 2022, Ms. Kozloff-Turner realized the completion of her book and exhibition project, “100 Women of Jewelry,” which she considers to be her greatest professional accomplishment to date. She has successfully interviewed a global representation of 100 women jewelry designers to obtain their perspective and wisdom in the industry today. Looking toward the future, Ms. Kozloff-Turner hopes to produce an entire “100 Women” book series to highlight women in a variety of industries.

Ms. Kozloff-Turner is also the author of the book, “Guided by Angels,” a portion of which is published in “Journey of the Adopted Self” by Betty Jean Lifton. As a fine arts photographer, she has put her skills to use for various documentary projects, including “Gone but not Forgotten,” which traces the history of several centennial farms in Boulder County, Colorado, and is publicly available at the Boulder Carnegie Library archives.

Attributing much of her success to her focus, organization and dedication, Ms. Kozloff-Turner has made a name for herself through her highly professional manner, which has led to a stellar reputation in her fields of jewelry and photography. Furthermore, her skill and excellence in the arts has led to her being awarded a number of fine arts grants, starting in 1990 with a Dean’s Grant from the University of Colorado. Ms. Kozloff-Turner has since received grants from the Rocky Mountain Women’s Institute, the Colorado Photographic Arts Center, the Boulder County Arts Alliance and the Gemological Institute of America.


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