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Coming from a family of culturally deep-rooted West Indian government employees and doctors, including her parents, the late Governor and Mrs. Cyril E. King, Lillia King grew up learning the importance of hard work and education. Since then, she has spent more than 43 years thriving in the field of technical and health care administration, and has become known as an expert in histopathology. She began her career with a Bachelor of Arts in biology from the College of St. Elizabeth in Convent Station, N.J., after which she became certified as a paralegal through the Washington Online Learning Center.

Although Ms. King is now retired, she leaves behind a legacy of excellence in a variety of positions. She served Schneider Regional Medical Center as a co-instructor of the anatomy and physiological LPN program from 2005 to 2010, and as the supervisor and manager of the histopathology department from 1984 to 2010. In her position, she used her strong health care administration skills to maintain the myriad of day-to-day functions of the department, created and maintained all patient consultation files, and created, maintained and oversaw the mechanization and computerization of cancer files that served as the basis for a cancer registry. Ms. King also designed and co-built the three computerized histopathology modules that led to the system now used at the center, and designed and organized both a summer student program for high school and college students and a two-semester work/study program. She worked with high school counselors and college advisers to set up work schedules. In addition, Ms. King managed the formulation of departmental budgets, researched and included in her annual report suggestions for cost-effective procedures in line with the hospital’s Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation.

Prior to joining Schneider Regional Medical Center, Ms. King served as an instructor of anatomy at the College of the Virgin Islands, a guest lecturer at the Old Municipal Hospital, and a territorial histologist at Knud-Hansen Memorial Hospital, where she was also a student clinical laboratory aide.

Over the course of her career, Ms. King has been and continues to be involved with a number of philanthropic efforts, including the Smithsonian Institute and the community outreach program of the Catholic Diocese. She is also a benefactor of the Sioux Nations, co-chairman of the Keys & Sword Award Benefit for the Restoration of Steamship, Peter and Paul Catholic Cathedral, and a member of the Jewel Rose Council of the Inner Wheel USA Foundation. Further, she is a member of the Friends of Denmark Society, the Inner Wheel Club of VI, and the Rotary Club of Charlotte Amalie.

In recognition of her outstanding work in her field, Ms. King received the Women’s International Leadership Association Award, a certificate of merit from the American Association of Bioanalysts, a commendation for service from the Schneider Regional Medical Center, and the Employee of the Year Award. She was also honored with the Tommy Star Award as Public Service Associate of the Year by the St. Thomas/St. John Hotel Association and the District Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, Ms. King was recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for Excellence in Health Care Administration, and has been featured in Who’s Who in Industry Leaders, Who’s Who of American Women, and numerous editions of Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.

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  1. It is with a proud heart that I send my admiral congratulation to this remarkable woman. She happens to be the daughter of Agnes Schuster King who is the sister of my late grandmother Lucretia Schuster Manners. We don’t know each other but if she ever gets to see this message I would be so happy to share stories with her.

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