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Lauren Ramsey

The story of Lauren Ramsey, chief creative officer and owner of Puzzle Piece Media, fits perfectly in place and is as newsworthy and marketable as the stories of her clients into whom she persistently pours her passion and professional prowess. Through her company, based in Alexander, Arkansas, the award-winning Ms. Ramsey provides social media and original creative content services to small businesses with the mission to create an inclusive and understanding environment for all clients, regardless of their background or industry.

Under her leadership, Puzzle Piece Media focuses on personalized attention with tailored solutions and is dedicated to helping businesses thrive in today’s competitive market. Recognized and honored in prominent publications for her efforts in business and with charitable organizations, Ms. Ramsey has been named among the “Future 50” by Arkansan Money & Politics and featured three times in AY (short for About You) Magazine among “Intriguing Women 2020,” as a “Top 3 Marketing Consultant,” and for her “Best of the Best Marketing Firm.” She also was named a Taste of the Finest Top Young Professional Honoree by the Arkansas Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in 2018. A devoted advocate for people with special needs, Ms. Ramsey is deeply involved with her community and school districts in addition to her work with local police and fire departments to raise awareness about how to interact with individuals on the autism spectrum.

The keys to Ms. Ramsey’s success throughout her career and in business are manyfold. She has achieved the massive feat of founding Puzzle Piece Media, a business that prioritizes inclusivity and offers flexible schedules to working mothers—a critical factor in why her business has thrived since 2020, even amid challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, her client base has tripled since the inception of Puzzle Piece Media, a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence. Within the next five years, Ms. Ramsey, a member of the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce, plans to expand her business with the goal of establishing it as an industry leader. Most instrumental in attaining her personal and professional accomplishments has been the unwavering support of her family, including her husband, two sons, parents, and in-laws – all of whom she enjoys spending quality time with. Outside of work, she also likes bowling and outdoor activities.

Parallel to running Puzzle Piece Media, Ms. Ramsey is a marketing advisor with Phillips Corporation. Previously, for other companies, she worked as a marketing outreach coordinator, an office administrator, a director of sales marketing, and a retail outlet manager. Setting a solid educational foundation for herself, Ms. Ramsey earned a Master of Science in health promotion from the University of Central Arkansas, a Bachelor of Science in organizational management from Central Baptist College, and an Associate of Arts in hospitality administration/management from Pulaski Technical College.


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