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Latrina Moore

Holding considerable expertise in coaching and consulting, Latrina Fletcher-Moore has excelled as the chief executive officer, president and owner of Serene Meadows Hospice since 2014. Operating in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan area, she employs roughly 25 nurses and care staff that travel to their patients homes in order to provide quality end-of-life care. Although not a nurse herself, Ms. Fletcher-Moore involves herself closely with the patients that they see, accompanying nurses to visit clients and taking the time to meet with everyone who comes looking for assistance. Serene Meadows is particularly notable for their emphasis on providing continued support to families for up to a year after their loved one passes.

Putting in considerable effort to ensure that her patients receive the care they need, Ms. Fletcher-Moore attributes much of her success to hiring people who have similar ideas and desires to her own. She has no plans to grow her business further, as she feels Serene Meadows is at the perfect size to ensure that all of their patients receive consistent and intimate care. She notes that when hospice organizations become too large, they run the risk of becoming detached and impersonal when it comes to patient care. Throughout her career, she has been perpetually motivated by a desire to make a difference in the lives of those in hospice care, to ensure their final days are spent in comfort and that their families have the support they need.

Prior to her work in the health care industry, Ms. Fletcher-Moore was a business consultant, who worked with start-up companies. It was during this time that she first became exposed to hospice care. While consulting for a hospice company, she took the time to visit one of the patients they were seeing on her way home from work each day. Ms. Fletcher-Moore left such an impact on the patient that he held on to life in order to thank her before he passed.

Alongside her primary career responsibilities, Ms. Fletcher-Moore is an active member of her community. She volunteers her time with the Bethlehem Baptist Church and is a regular donor to health care ministries. Furthermore, she is working to open a nonprofit organization for teenage girls to provide support for the next generation. Publishing her first book, “Beating the Odds: Turning Obstacles into Opportunity,” in 2020, she has already begun work on a second book, a motivational book for young adults.

Ms. Fletcher-Moore became involved in her profession due to her passion for people, geriatrics and pediatrics. Feeling that it was crucially important to be an advocate for the very young and the elderly, as they are among the most vulnerable populations, she began her consulting work after earning a Master of Arts from the University of Phoenix. She was led to opening her own company after becoming tired of encountering people who were only in the field to make money and wanting to provide a better alternative.

Finding extreme gratification from the knowledge that she is doing the right thing, Ms. Fletcher-Moore also takes great pride in the fact that she built her company from the ground up while not having terribly many resources at her disposal, as well as the fact that people regularly seek out her expertise on various matters. Above all her professional achievements however, she considers the highlight of her life to be her five children and watching them succeed. Ms. Fletcher-Moore lives her life by the motto “When every moment counts.”


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