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Kristi Knight

A veteran professional in retirement and financial planning, Kristi A. Knight excels as the founding partner of Veteran Benefits America Inc., which she established in 2009 with her husband, Patrick Sandner, to help senior veterans apply for aid. Additionally, she serves as the founding partner, an advisor of operations and a financial flight planner for Landing Financial Group, with which she specializes in working with single, divorced and widowed women. Ms. Knight’s day-to-day responsibilities and duties include planning, operations of the office, processing and making sure everything is in compliance. She first received her license in 1999.

While growing up, Ms. Knight was involved on the financial side of her father’s business. She dealt with the money side of it. She could take her knowledge with numbers and help someone, and they always do what is right for the client 100% of the time. With her knowledge of numbers and her desire to help others, Ms. Knight decided to pursue a full-time career in finance.

Dedicated to her community, Ms. Knight contributes to those in need as a volunteer with Women of the Western Community and as a donor with Saint Jude Children’s Hospital. Due to her outstanding work in the field, she was honored with the Advisors Excel Award for Excellence in Service in 2019. What separates Ms. Knight from others in her field is creating a foundation for wartime veterans and always putting the client first. Her theory is that even if they are not her clients, the more education she can give them on their future, the better they are going to be and their chances of succeeding are so much stronger. She would like to be remembered as someone who was kind, giving, ethical and always did what was right.

Ms. Knight’s inspiration has been meeting with clients, and showing them that they are going to be alright and seeing the weight lift off of their shoulders. Looking toward the future, she intends to expand the business while increasing her staff. She wants people to know that she wants to help people and give back to the community. Ms. Knight will also continue to foster her dogs that are in training for special needs. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, golfing and motorcycling.


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