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Kirsten Cameron

It was during her nearly 10-year career in health care administration that Kirsten Coreen Cameron started working in compliance, and she has since held key positions in that vital profession for more than two decades. In one of her current career roles, Ms. Cameron is the director of compliance with Team One Credit Union, ensuring that the organization complies with all regulations within the laws of Michigan. Additionally, she is a relationship and content manager at League InfoSight, where she also was a consultant.

Laying a strong educational foundation and securing the necessary credentials, Ms. Cameron holds a Master of Jurisprudence in compliance and risk management from Drake University Law School, a Master of Business Administration in health care administration and management from Central Michigan University, and a Bachelor of Arts in speech-language pathology from Central Michigan University. She has been certified by the Foundational Compliance School at the American Bankers Association, as a Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Specialist from the Credit Union National Association, as a credit union compliance expert from the Credit Union National Association, and designated as a certified credit union internal auditor by the Association of Credit Union Audit and Risk Professionals.

Along with preparation and being highly experienced in her field, Ms. Cameron stands out as a driven, competent, committed, and focused expert who wants to change the world’s view of compliance and risk management by showing that it is not a burden or something to avoid and can be “beautiful.” Demonstrating her unique perspective along her professional path leading to her current position, Ms. Cameron was a strategic compliance consultant at CU Solutions Group, a retail compliance program manager for Level One Bank, and an audit and compliance manager with Financial Plus Credit Union, among other titles.

Ms. Cameron counts her most significant professional accomplishment as earning her Master of Jurisprudence in compliance and risk management. She always aspired to have a law degree, which now allows her to provide expert legal advice internally as part of her role as director of compliance at Team One Credit Union. Having a director title is another hard-earned career milestone of which she is proud yet acknowledges that there is room for further growth. Equally crucial to Ms. Cameron’s professional life is her passion for leadership. She is a member of the American Bar Association and especially relishes the time she devotes as an executive member of the International LEAP Network providing mutual support to members who strive to make significant progress in their personal and professional journeys and reach their goals. Every six months, Ms. Cameron finds it liberating to speak at the LEAP retreat in front of people she has never met. Moreover, she firmly espouses the importance of empowering women to recognize their value, which led to her being an invited speaker at a global women’s council of like-minded professionals.

Ms. Cameron believes her success stems from watching her hardworking parents, who, she says, despite their tireless efforts, attained little financially. Understanding the importance of having a solid work ethic, she was determined to achieve more, and her parents have been her most ardent supporters, urging her to pursue her dreams. Further, she credits her accomplishments to the steady development of her communication and leadership skills and establishing a good rapport with colleagues and professionals on the rise. Ms. Cameron has learned that her team’s success is more important than her own since her success is dependent on her team’s.

Ms. Cameron looks forward to continuing to advance her career and hopes to secure regular speaking roles specifically related to her expertise in compliance. She also intends to increase her participation in women’s leadership initiatives, including speaking engagements to bolster professional women, and seeks to become one of the leading professionals in compliance and risk management. Additionally, Ms. Cameron plans to earn a coaching certificate to help other organizations and executives create their own internal compliance culture.

Away from work, Ms. Cameron cherishes time with her teenage son and has a dog named Archie. Her personal interests include running her small jewelry-making venture called JC Creation, reading, enjoying the outdoors, hiking, biking, and running.


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